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    I finally let husband know how I feel.

    He took difficult child to a psychiatrist appointment - and found out my dad gave him the wrong day.

    husband mentioned that difficult child said the appointment would take 12 mins or less - and that there was nothing to talk about with the psychiatrist.

    Then husband made the mistake of asking what I should do about it - meaning what Susie should do.

    I told him the psychiatrist is a quack, but that my dad and difficult child were fine with him. That my objections to this doctor (based on his deciding difficult child is bipolar but should NOT be treated in accordance with the guidelines the various boards of psychiatry have recommended) were ignored and overruled. Gpa said the psychiatrist was great, got them in, wrote the scrips, and got them out - at a time when difficult child would not have to miss school to see him.

    husband asked if maybe I should push for a different psychiatrist.

    I said there is NO point. Gpa won't listen to me. And won't have any consequence for this latest difficult child escapade (the stealing) that will make ANY difference in future behavior.

    I also said that there is no point in me pushing anything. Gpa will overrule me/ignore me, husband will do NOTHING to stand up for me, and difficult child knows he can physically overpower me so he won't listen to me.

    husband said he was sorry I feel that way. I told him he wasn't, he was just sorry I was throwing things in his lap. If he was truly sorry husband would stand up, be a real man, and change things. He would support my efforts, not just ignore them.

    Needless to say husband isn't happy. Cause he HATES the reality that HE won't stand up for me or support me in family disagreements or parenting issues.

    Tough noogies for him.
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    Good for you. And I'm sure it felt good to give husband a piece of your mind.

    My husband has many, MANY faults. But this isn't one of them. (thankfully)

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    I'm glad you told him how it is. I'm sorry he isn't more supportive in this area. Hugs.