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    I go back to work. I am excited about the new school year, but sad to see this summer end. It has been, without a doubt, the best summer I have had in many years...maybe my whole life. I have to thank the Cleveland crew for helping to make it great. I so enjoyed meeting all of you.

    Thanks to you all for being here for me for so many years. I remember the first time I found this group. I was so lost in the shame and guilt of my difficult child's actions that I literally thought I would not survive. But I did find the light---and I've come out the tunnel into the bright sunlight because of the guidance of this great group of parents.

    Newbies---know that life does get better. difficult child's do grow up, at least a little. Life gets easier. You learn and grow and become better at detachment. You move past the crises and begin to live again.
    Make sure you think of yourselves from time to time. Don't get so wrapped up in the drama that comes with raising a difficult child (or more) and lose the joy that is life. Remember to love the child but not the actions. Remember to laugh when you can. Learn what's important and what's not---pick your battles, And because a difficult child knows how to up the ante---be prepared but don't let fear stop you from moving forward.
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    Thanks for the uplifting words, EW. I hope that the great aspects of summer carry forward to your school year and that it rocks too.
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    EW-Great advice!
    Enjoy the school year! I'm glad summer was so good for you:) It really does help to recharge!
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    Sage advice, indeed! :D I hope the school year gets off to a good start for you tomorrow!
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    EW, you are one classy lady. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet you & everyone else in Cleveland. Wish I'd had the time to sit & visit individually for more than just a few minutes at a time.

    Enjoy your upcoming school year - sounds like you're up for it.

    Your advice for newbies is just what is needed for many of us.
  6. Suz

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    Hey EW, I'm thinking of you this morning. Happy first day back at school. I hope you have a terrific year.

    I know what you mean about feeling somewhat sentimental about this summer. The Cleveland trip and meeting you wonderful folks there was a real highlight for me, too.

    Big hugs.
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    Beautifully said! Thanks for your love as well! Did you see my new picture? Look at my tongue! :tongue: Cool huh?
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    Great advice, everywoman.

    I wish you a happy filled new school year and so glad to hear your summer was so awesome.

    I so wish I had been able to meet up with you all in Cleveland. I have met Fran, Susie, Esther, Steph, Robby and several other board members. It really is a treat isn't it.
    We have a very interesting and loving group of folks here on the board.

  9. Fran

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    EW, your post reminds me again that you are the "teacher of the year" to me.
    I'm glad that your summer has been terrific.
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    I hope this is an enjoyable school year for you!