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Yesterday was a horrible day for difficult child on the Zyprexia. Today I called with my concerns to the social worker and psychiatrist, and they told me that today was different. They brought difficult child to the phone and he said that he started finding some "thoughts" again and began to feel better, so he wanted to wait and give this medication more of a try.

We went to visit with him tonight, and totally different kid before us. He was very talkative and seemed to be having some sort of awakening. He is discovering new interests and anxious to learn more about those interests. I have seen him like this before, but only on rare occations.

I am sort of nervous. I am wondering if he is a little too "UP"right now. I don't know. I am also afraid that it will keep switching back and forth and not last.

I had a long talk with the psychiatrist. She still has no clue what his diagnoses is. She does not know if it is something like depression with psychotic features, or bipolar. She has seen no mania, but he was complaining of racing thoughts. The antipsychotic seems to have calmed some of that down and he is also on a little lamictal. She does not know if he also needs the two antidepressants he is on or not.

It is all so weird.

Have you ever been afraid of how long something good might last with your difficult child's?

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I've learned to sit back & enjoy the positive changes in my difficult children. It may or may not last but enjoy it while you can. difficult child may have been anxious tonight.

by the way, zyprexia took a while to kick in for kt, but it turned out to be one of the better medications for her.

Recharge yourself...teach yourself to relax. You know that difficult child is in a safe setting & being well cared for. :flower:


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I try to enjoy it but yes-I do wonder how long it will last. It's nice he had a good day-I'm hoping he has many more. Hugs.


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Could you update your profile to show difficult child in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)?

I would agree with above, try to relax and take the wait and see. Afterall, that is what these medications require. Wait and see if they work and if they do for how long.
It is a constant battle that must be monitored, so while someone else is doing it - let them be the ones to worry about it. I know you are mom and it is impossible not to worry.

I'm glad your difficult child is doing well! When either of my difficult children are doing good, I ALWAYS wonder when the next crisis will occur... It's hard to relax with difficult children even though I know I should enjoy whatever good moments there are... Life is NEVER dull!!! WFEN


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He is still doing well. Talking about how he feels like that claritin commercial where they rip something off and everything is clear. He is talking about getting interests back. He is talking about going back to school. He is talking about keeping a schedule when he comes home. He says he is feeling feelings for the first time in his life. It is pretty different.

I do know that they wanted to do some more playing around with the medications and see which ones he does not need. They want to see if they can switch the Zyprexa for Abilify. I am very nervous that we will lose him again during these trials and changes.

He is actually not is Residential Treatment Center (RTC) yet. He is in a state hospital that also has an Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It could be an option for him to enter the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) if he needs more time. We are still waiting for that decision.


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Well, he is in the best place for doing the medication trials and changes. I am glad he is seeing how good life can be!

At least you know it can be better for him.


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One thing I like about the state hospital is that they will take their own sweet time. They dont rush anything. Whereas private is a really short stay, the state hospital you are looking at minimum of probably 3 weeks just to get acquainted. If they feel he is a candidate for the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) they will transfer him then Im betting.


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Have you ever been afraid of how long something good might last with your difficult child's? </div></div>

I think that is probably something most of us can relate to. I would just try to relax and enjoy the calm while it lasts. -RM