Tough Life Lesson

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  1. Hound dog

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    A few years ago when easy child and her husband were trying to buy their house they asked me to co-sign on their loan.

    I told easy child at the time I'd never co-sign on any loan for any reason. I also explain that Life happens, and although the person you're co-signing for has every intention of making those payments.... and probably will 9 times out of 10, if they don't then the person who co-signs gets stuck. I know she understood this as we must have talked about it for a whole afternoon.

    Two years ago easy child's close friend needed a loan. They were in nursing school together. Friend's husband had been out of work due to being injured, and they were trying to support 6 kids. easy child's friend is my age, responsible, dependable, a really wonderful person.

    easy child told me about it at the time. I gave her the whole spiel about the NEVER co-signing a loan again. Told her that while her friend would most likely pay it back, that anything could happen to PREVENT her from being able to pay it back. Then easy child would be stuck having to pay the loan herself.

    The loan was for $25,000.00. :faint:

    Fast forward to now.

    easy child's friend and her husband are going thru a nasty divorce. That injury that kept the husband from working enabled him to become addicted to pain medications and completely changed the man's personality. He's not working. So she's not even getting child support from him. The friend is working full time as a nurse, paying for daycare, and trying to support 6 kids on her own.

    She can't make the payments. Doubtful her husband would if he could.

    easy child has the loan company calling her demanding payment.

    easy child and sister in law can't afford the payments either. But now they'll have to find a way because if they don't their credit they've worked so hard for will be ruined.

    Nichole, feeling bad for easy child, called up her b/f's Dad. (he's a banker) He told her exactly what I'd told the kids. They've got to pay it. BUT he also told Nichole to tell easy child that if the bank/loan co won't cooperate to adjust the payments so that easy child can pay them, then to threaten to go bankrupt. He said they usually bend over backward to cooperate if you do that. (they want their money lol)

    So I guess this goes to show that even normally very bright easy child's can make a major mistake and throw their lives into a mess.

    I am soooo staying out of this one. :rofl:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Oh poor easy child. Ouch! A very tough life lesson to learn. I hope the bank will adjust the payments! I do not blame you for staying out of this!
  3. goldenguru

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    Tough lessons. I so agree about not co-signing loans.

    When we loan cash, we do so with the mindset that getting it back will be a bonus. We never loan amounts that would put our own financial position in jeopardy.

    I remember an old quip that went something like "What's the surest way to rid yourself of a friend or family member? Loan them money or co-sign a loan for them".

    Sad to say ... but it's the truth.
  4. busywend

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    I learned that one the hard way, too.

    Sometimes it does not pay to be so nice.
  5. Fran

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    Never, ever co sign a loan. We will loan cash but we will never co sign. Payment schedule for loan repayment should be worked out in advance for any cash loan. I learned that the hard way. It's going to take 10years for someone to repay me at the rate she is going. Of course, I got nothing from her for 3 yrs.

    My sibs are great about repayment. Besides if they aren't making payments they can't ask for any help. Fortunately, they are upstanding adults who know their responsibilities.

    I'm shocked that your daughter would co sign a 25,000.00 loan. If she files bankruptcy her credit is ruined. What a nightmare.
  6. susiestar

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    Very touhg lesson. The best you can do is stay out of it. Any opinion you have will be a problem.