Tragedy In Aurora,, CO

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by animal lover, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. animal lover

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    :i'mback:Hi Everyone,
    I am sure you have all heard about the tragedy in Aurora, CO. Well that is where myson lives. After trying everything to get hold of
    him to see if he was Ok. I gave up. I called his house, emailed him, tried calling his buddy, but no luck. I am realy scared. The
    only thing I can remember him saying is that he didn't go to the movies much. I hope thisis the case.

    I am also feeling bad cause I have not heard from my grandaughter in almost 3 months. That was when we went to her 8th grade graduaation.
    I have e-mailed her too, but here nothing and I thinkI know wy.It'sbecause I didn't send her any thing for her birthday. Oh well. Thank you
    for listening.
  2. Nancy

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    I hope your son is ok. But if your family just contacts you when you give them something I wouldn't bother.

  3. CrazyinVA

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    I really think that "no news is good news," as far as the possibility of your son being among those injured in the tragedy. Someone would have contacted you if he were gravely injured. Try to let that put your mind to rest.

    Sorry you haven't heard from your granddaughter, I'm sure that hurts. But, it's better to be ignored than to be used, in my opinion. Stay busy, keep yourself distracted.
  4. Calamity Jane

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    Is it customary for them not to get back to you after you leave messages? If that's par for the course, I guess I wouldn't worry too much. It's rude, though. If he generally returns your calls or contacts you on his own with some frequency, and you've not heard from him since last weekend, I would be concerned. If he lives in Aurora, he should've called you preemptively, just so you WOULDN'T worry when you saw the news.
    I'm sorry about your granddaughter. One rule I always had with my kids was if they ever got a gift in a birthday card, etc., they couldn't deposit the check or keep the cash from the card until they wrote and mailed a thank you note. To this day, my adult nieces and nephews never acknowledge their birthday checks, but they sure do deposit them!
  5. animal lover

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    Thank You Calamity Jane,
    for listening. I too think your nephews and nieces do not appreciate your goodness in sending and remembering them on their birthday.
    I read a story about a grandmother that got tiredof her grandson not acknowleging that he received $100.00 checks every year for his
    birthday. So one year she sent the b'day card in the mail along with the check, but she didn't sign it. She got a callll from her grandson
    asking why she didn'tsign it. Her reply was I'll sign it when you start thanking me.
    I think thatisa good lesson for her grandson. Imay try that withmy grandaughter.
    Thanks for listening.
    animal lover