Treatment Could Cure Disorders Like ADHD & Autism

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    Treatment Could Cure Disorders Like ADHD & Autism - Fox 23

    A Tulsa doctor is using new technology called neurofeedback therapy that corrects brainwaves. The doctor says it's a permanent fix for disorders like Autism, ADD and ADHD.

    "It's a permanent fix because we're teaching the brain to function at a different level. And once the brain learns to function at that level, it doesn't forget," said Dr. Barry Garnder at The RenuYou Neurofeedback Center of Tulsa.

    There's clinical studies out there proving this works. It's not voodoo or hocus pocus. We're actually changing the brain wave patterns," Dr. Gardner said. "There's no side effects, only good effects... if we can get these kids normalized without drugs that's a huge step forward."
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    He's gonna get sued ... you can't claim to "cure" autism.
    We've used biofeedback/neurofeedback (in VA) and it was mildly effective. Definitely not a cure. Interesting stuff, but I feel badly for this guy, when the OK state medication society comes down on him.:anxious:
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    I wish with every part of my being that I could believe this was true.