Tried Firefox instead of IE?


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We are using Firefox as our web browser instead of Internet Explorer. It transferred all my favorites etc for me. It seems to work better, less glitches and actually a little faster.

Anyone else tried it/use it?


It was recommended to me for my genealogy stuff. I hadn't gotten around to trying it yet. There are some nifty things about it that I heard in the review.

What do you think of it?


timer lady

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I've used a form of Mozilla for years - am now using Firefox as my browser, Thunderbird for my email. I haven't loaded anything for IM at this point.

in my humble opinion, it's more stable than Windows IE.

Pam R

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We've used it for several years. husband repairs computers and he says IE is the worst thing to use. He won't even let me put the IM into my puter.

Between IE and Outlook Express, he stays busy fixing puters. :rofl:

Pam R.


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I use Firefox at home. However, I got an update yesterday and then I could not launch it after the update. Anyone else have this?


I use firefox. It's more stable and more secure than IE. My kids use it, too. We have to use IE for difficult child's online school, otherwise it wouldn't get used at all.

Busywend - I have had that problem and had to uninstall firefox and reinstall it. I've also lost my bookmarks twice during updates. There is an add-on you can download to keep your bookmarks, so I shouldn't have that problem again.


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I love firefox. IE tends to frustrate me when I do have to use it.

Timer Lady- I totally forgot I had thunderbird. I'm going to have to set that up today.

scent of cedar

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Daughter loaded Mozilla for me when she was here. It went down recently, and I needed to go back to IE? I missed the Mozilla so much that I learned how to download it MYSELF!

Firefox is much nicer.

Daughter tells me it cuts down on viruses, too.

Those who create viruses tend to target IE because that is what most people have.



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Love Firefox!!!! It is the ONLY browser I will use. It eliminates so many of the pop-ups, etc. and garbage you get from the internet. I think the reason it is faster is because it eliminates these annoyances. Besides I can decorate my browser with fun icons like kitties! :laugh:


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I use Firefox exclusively, except when I run into one of those pages that will only render properly in IE.

For IM, I use Trillian. It's a tool that all of the tech dudes use (my SO is a computer guy, so he sets me up with all of the newest tools and things) You can use whatever account you currently have for IM (MSN, AOL, or whatever), and have only one window where you can talk to all of your IM contacts. You can also set up security, anti-virus and encryption.

I don't know a lot of the technical details, but it's a free add-on that you can download.



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Yes, when I took a laptop in because of a virus, my little easy child guru nerd tech told me never ever to use IE. He said Firefox or Opera as they have better security measures to keep away viruses.


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Hey you! :kisses:

Been using Firefox for several years, it was explained to me that a majority of the viruses, worms, et al out there were designed specifically to attack Internet Explorer. When I caught the Klez worm a few years back and everything went bye bye, I switched over to Firefox, and so far :thumb:


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It seems to be faster and I have less pop ups. I'm older, I truly do not care to see an animated gif of a 1/2 naked woman dancing to the right on my screen when I open my browser.

-I think I will Mom, so it must be good.

I've been using Firefox for over a year now. I liked it alot better than IE until just recently. I have a gmail account that I can't access any longer on Firefox - I have to use IE.

It might just be me - As you all probably know by now, I'm HORRIBLE with computers!!! WFEN