Trileptal works against Lamictalm


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I wrote this in my antianxiety medications post ,but thought it was important enough to start another thread. According to difficult child's new psychiatrist, Trileptal will lower the effects of Lamictal , so in turn you need to raise the Lamictal . I'm not saying the combo might not work for some, but we have decided to Difficult Child the Trileptal. I really haven't seen any difference with it anyway,even though it was increased. So we are titrating off of it. She said to watch for any side effects from the Risperdal that he is on now too(side effects could be stiffness and loss of facial expression). The Risperdal will be more effective without the Trileptal too. I didn't know this and thought I would pass it on. I hope this helps him.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
We are seeing our new psychiatrist on Monday and I want to Difficult Child the Risperdal, due to adverse reactions, once she is stable on the Trileptal... She just titrated up to the therapeutic dose...