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    OK, I need to get together a plan and maybe I can have a meeting with defense attny and GAL prior to June courts for difficult child. difficult child's been cycling pretty bad the past few weeks- although it has been much better this weekend. The first thing will be to change psychiatrist's- which hopefully won't take a major event since the judge had listed the psychiatrist by name instead of just "must comply with A psychiatrist".

    Anyway- I was trying to think of options for treatment- whether or not they seem accessible to us right now. Could you guys look at my attempt to list these, in order from least involved to most involved and see if I have this correct? Am I missing any? Also, any other thoughts are always appreciated. I'll look back over previous posts to my other threads for suggestions, too.

    1) Outpatient psychiatrist and therapist
    2) Day treatment (I believe this can work if I can difficult child in- and I think he can qualify if problem is more at home than at school, correct?)
    3) Therapuetic day school (I think this is the option when problems are more behavior issues at school-is this correct? This wouldn't fit my son at the moment because school behavior has drasticly improved this year.)
    4) Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or something similar (My concern, other than I'm not sure I have a lot of faith in long term success with this, is that I was told last year that no residential place in this state would take difficult child because he had started a brush fire- the state would be in control of this too in difficult child's situation.)
    5) State psychiatric hospital or detention- which state would be in control of

    My big fear of course, and I'm sure there are others who have been in this position- my number 1 or 2 level might solve the problem, if I can find right medication combo or get him in day treatment, but if I can't get it quick enough, the courts will go to #5.

    Furthermore, I cannot financially afford to keep going like this. My employer quit paying mine and difficult child's health insurance since I haven't been working full time hours in a year so I have to pick that up. I am going to look at some options for this, but between difficult child issues, po, and psychiatrist/therapist appts, I can't work full time hours yet- so I get no benefits. I desparately need those benefits- sick and vacation hours paid, insurance, etc. Not only that, but without my salary, I have been digging into other places to make ends meet for monthly bills and groceries. I simply CANNOT go on like this. Of course, I could sell the house and move to an apt., but that doesn't seem feasible either- the rent would be as much as the house payment and I would have to take more time off to prepare the house for selling. If I could go back to work full time within a month or so, I could pull out of this. If difficult child isn't stabilized and all the appts either gone or available after hours, I can't do it. Being a single parent with no help locally, I can't take a second job. I tried working from home some but when difficult child isn't stable that just isn't productive.

    I am heartbroken to think that they might make harsher decisions regarding my son simply because I can't tell them that I can go on like this. I can't suggest to them that he spend another year on probation. And quite frankly, this PO sure hasn't helped things anyway.

    difficult child, it seems based on the last 2 years, spends about 9 mos out of the year stable and dependable. I just can't count on that starting on Monday, Know what I mean?? And, I'm trying to plan for all this because it is so important to present a feasible solution in court, however, I still have to plan for the worst, too.

    Thanks for reading---
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    Have you ever applied for Medicaid for difficult child through the Katie Beckett program in your state? It looks only at difficult child's income not yours at all. Wish I had more ideas. Sending gentle hugs your way.
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    I was going to ask about the possibility of state medical assistance as well. Since you now have to pay for your helath insurance and it will be quite expensive, I'm sure. You might add to your list, financial assistance to help defer the cost of necessary treatment.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks! State assistance and medicaid are the first things I'm going to check into. I had gotten some direction on that on the SSI forum. How do I find out if there is any other financial assistance available?