Trying to remain calm...


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Yesterday started off fine...the morning routine with coffee and a few dishes to do. husband went to work out as we just got a gym membership through his work 2 weeks ago.

When husband got home he said his chest and arms hurt but that he was going to the bowling alley anyway. husband is the High School boys and girls volunteer head Coach ...he is at the bowling alley almost every day.

When husband was on his way home he told me his chest and arms were still hurting...only worse now. I told him to pick up some aspirin and he did. He went by the grocery store and bought a few things to make spaghetti. I did cook for him when he got home but the whole time he sat in his chair in agony. He finally decided to rest in bed as I was getting ready to leave on a Casino trip with a friend (belated birthday present) who was picking me up within an hour and half. I almost left. He would not commit on going to the hospital.

I thought about it for awhile...I asked husband if he had EVER had chest pain like this before...and he said, "No". That is when I decided to call my friend and cancel our trip. I told husband..."Either I call 911 or I take you to the hospital now!" So he let me drive him to the nearest hospital.

The hospital we first went to did an EKG but the results were negative. Then they did an enzyme blood test and the results were so elevated that the DR said , "yes, husband likely had a heart attack".

husband is a 47 yr old man of reasonable weight. He does not smoke or drink..hasn't had a drink in over 20 yrs. But, he has been working out recently. He is also an EXTREMELY driven man. You can't stop him! He is Always on the go and onto the next mission. I told him yesterday that he has to STOP wearing that "S" on his chest!

I called husband's father in Las Vegas and all three of our adult children while at the first hospital. husband was transferred to a second hospital where they have better equipment and cardiologist...a heart specialty hospital. I DO believe he is in good hands.

easy child and her boyfriend were on the their way to the hospital around 9 last night but husband and I were trying to get some rest in the room so easy child said she would come by sometime today.
And...In difficult child fashion...daughter in law and young difficult child showed up around midnight. daughter in law drove 3-4 hrs yesterday from her grandmothers' to hurry back...yes, she is one of those enablers that wants to save, fix, cure others. She can be such a sweetheart but I do wonder what toll her mindset will have on her one day.

Young difficult child was very lovingly concerned about his dad. Oldest difficult child was concerned about Life Ins policy and Health Ins (which we have both). So it was enlightening to see "where they were at" in this crisis situation regarding their dad. I am very disappointed in oldest difficult child.

We think they will be putting a stint (sp) in tomorrow if that is what is needed. Meanwhile husband is resting...they have given him several doses of Morphine now and have him on oxygen as well as nitrate medicine.

I am at home right now gathering things to take back to the hospital for husband and I as it looks like we will be there for the next several days.
If you have a moment...please say a prayer for my husband. He is one of those rare breed men of men. Yes macho but playful and driven, very intelligent, extremely hard working, enthusiastic, remarkable man! I could not have survived the past 15 yrs without him and we have been married for 28 yrs...since we were 19 yr old kids. I love my husband with all my heart.

I will update you all when I can. Headed back to the hospital soon.
Thank you...


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Hi LMS. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts. They can do remarkable things today for heart patients. One of my brothers had a heart transplant 3 years ago and is doing very well. The other brother just had a stent put in his heart and both of my parents has bypass surgeries when they were alive.

So there are a lot of options. Hopefully your husband will need the least invasive treatment but he sounds like he is in very good hands.



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Prayers for you and your husband.........keep breathing deeply LMS, take care of yourself during this too. We're all here for you......hugs......


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Very dear Lovemysons,

I just want to tell you that I am thinking of you and praying for your husband to be OK. You were so clever to do what you did and get him to the hospital. I have two stents in my heart -- I have had three angioplasties altogether -- and I am fine today (the first one was over 10 years ago when the main artery was 90 percent blocked). Modern medicine is wonderful and I hope your husband will be on his feet again soon.

Your children's reactions are very interesting.

Love, Esther


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Sending all the positive energy I can lms. Have kown several people lately that have gotten stents and all have done beautifully. Keep us posted.


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I hope that your husband will recover completely and that he will be able to continue to work out within reason.

As for your older son, I would not be disappointed in his reaction. It actually shows that he is thinking like an adult - he was concerned about the financial ramifications of husband's health and inquired about it. The other day, my youngest son, who had been running a fever, passed out. I was at work and daughter called me. I told them to call the doctor and see what to do. The doctor said to take baby boy to the ER. I must have told H and daughter at least 10 times to make sure that the hospital record stated that baby boy was only brought to the hospital because the doctor said to. Why? I'm the one who plays the medical bills and ERs try not to pay if it's not a true emergency, that's why I had to make sure the doctor approved it first. So, I am like your oldest son - my way of dealing with a scary issue (believe me, I was worried sick about my baby boy) was to focus on an ancillary, but important, aspect. As for baby boy, it turned out to be strep and tonsillitis.

Not trying to lecture you, just want to point out an alternative way of looking at things.

Maybe your oldest son can stay with his dad while you go on your casino trip?


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You and husband are in my prayers. God only gives us what he knows we can handle. Apparently he thinks you and husband can certainly handle a lot!


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Thank you all so much for keeping husband in your thoughts and prayers.

They took husband in to do the heart cath procedure around 7 am this morning and by 9 he was back in his room.
The Dr showed me pictures of where the blockage had been and said that the blood thinning medicine had taken care of no stent was required at this time. Plaque still remains so husband was placed on 4 different medications that he will take going forward.

We are home now and husband is sleeping comfortably in bed. I know he is exhausted from the ordeal and I am just very tired too.

Sven, Oldest difficult child did come to visit husband yesterday as well as many others from work and the bowling alley folks.
Oldest difficult child did tell me that he had been concerned about where we would be financially if we had no Ins and how I would be taken care of in the event something happend to husband.
I think it just caught me off guard at the moment that those were his first thoughts to me regarding dad having a heart attack. Mind you he and I have not talked really since Mother's Day as he is a very busy man but also has some very narrow thinking these days and so husband and I are not really apart of he and his family's life much.

On another note...easy child texted me yesterday and has decided she is in love with her boyfriend and thinks that marriage is in their future. She asked what I thought and I gave my blessing.

Thank you all again as I do believe we escaped this situation with the best possible outcome. God is good.



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Thanks for updating us LMS. I was thinking about you today.......I'm so happy it all worked out well and that husband is home comfortably sleeping. I hope you can rest too........hugs.......