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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, May 7, 2008.

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    TWO job applications put in by my son. It's only taken 10 months and enough excuses to drive anyone to drink excessively, but he actually got off his posterior and did it. Finally. :abouttime:

    I may just :faint:

    Of course, he still has to get and keep a job, but at least the opportunity might be there now for him to try. Much easier to do if you actually apply (a really foreign concept to him).

    By the by, the carrot that finally got him moving was :hairy:

    Black dye job with blue tips - he assures me he will fit in just fine at the video game resale store and the "goth hip-hop" clothing store. Whatever.

    Prom last weekend (he looked absolutely stunning in his new suit and I'm sure the black nail polish only detracted just a smidge), job applications this week... what next??? Wait, I take that back!!!!! :rofl:
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Darn straight you'll take that back! Honestly, even I know better than to say THAT anymore ;)
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    I have also learned that I don't even what to ASK what's next?!?! Our difficult child also has a thing for black nail polish, by the way. She managed to have her fingernail polish taken away for a week because she took it outside with her to our back yard and decided to paint our fence with it....yes, for real. So since she can't PAINT her nails black, she has gotten creative!!! She has decided to color them black with a sharpie marker!! It is funny how they cannot even seem to take the trash out when they are asked, but when they want something, boy that brain really kicks into gear doesn't it?!?!?
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    GO thank you!!!!
    One day at a time!

    Gotta love what our kids think is "cool". Whatever! And my parents thought it was bad when my sister and I were into purple eyeshadow, and rocknroll t-shirts.
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    Good thing you took that back Sue!! Good for thank you finally putting in some applications. Prom too! How exciting! I can see why you wanted to ask what next but glad you took it back.:rofl:
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    OMG! Sue, if all it took was a new "do" you would have done this years ago! :hairy: Why couldn't thank you have shared his desire for blue tips years ago? Can you imagine? :stopglass::bigsmile:
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