Two melt downs in one week after well over a year or more without any

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  1. Marcie Mac

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    The first one I had to laugh (out of earshot of course) SO and I went out, and as usual, put my dogs in my room and left his out to roam the house as they cannot be kept all together (his did some serious damage to my boxer a few months ago- we have had no luck in trying to find a home for her so it is now my daily routine all day to switch out dogs all day long :) He called SO, left a VM and was on a RANT about his dog ate his door halfway up and chewed the doorknob so it didn't work an why would we lock her in a room knowing she will eat her way out. I called him back and reminded him when I leave my dogs are put away - and did he check to see if his brother switched them out? And of course Jamie did thinking we would be back shortly. He did call SO and apologize but is miffed now he has to buy himself a new door and its going to be a solid wood one this time to match the others. LOL Poetic justice as I cannot tell you how many doors I have replaced over the years

    And of course, my sprinklers go off at 6:30 in the morning and it wet his new car which he just had waxed and detailed. I have never seen him jump out of bed so fast, grab a towel and wipe down the car lest there be water drops on it (in his boxer shorts no less). After he calmed down, we discussed and I had SO reset the sprinklers to go off at 9:15.

    Its really saying a lot for him that he has managed for the most part to get himself in control but those rare times when he goes from 0 to 60 - whew.. I don't miss that stuff

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    PTSD at its finest! Hope it blows over!
  3. Fran

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    It's amazing how their meltdowns evolve as they hit their mid/late 20's. The difficult child's make a lot of noise but seem to manage their emotional explosion themselves.
    Get a good laugh and enjoy the feeling of being out of the worst of their rages. : )