two terrible mornings

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    Michael has had to very awful mornings the last two days, refusing to get dressed and ready for school. I have been late for work the last two days because of him but his teacher made him apologize to me this morning for making me late for work for the second straight day. I told her not to be surprised if he comes to school in his pj's one morning. Maybe he would learn to get dressed if his classmates were laughing at him. I know it sounds mean but nothing else seems to work.
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    Satan the next! :rofl:

    What you have to keep in mind is that he might not be doing this intentionally. Try the method that one of the mom's suggested:

    "I know that you want to bake cookies (or play video games or watch tv or whatever) after school. If you get dressed that's like telling me that you want to bake the cookies. If you don't get dressed then you're telling me that you DON"T want to bake cookies."

    It'll take a while, but it should settle in!

    Satan the next! That's great!

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    Back when my kids were in long day care, I DID take them in their pyjamas if they weren't ready in time. So they knew I would also follow through with the threat for school.

    I did bring clothes for them to change into, but they had to do it with everyone watching at the centre (no privacy anywhere, even the kids' toilets were surrounded by glassed walls). Funny, it didn't happen too often after that.

    My kids now love to sleep in, but have rarely been late for work. They know I'm a mean mum when it comes to getting them moving - the mist spray bottle of water set on 'jet' and aimed up the INSIDE of the pyjama leg, from the ankle - there is no kid who will stay in bed after that one, it just feels too awful. It's much more effective than a wet washer in the face, and makes less trouble in terms of needing to change sheets.

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    I put my son on the bus in his pajamas and still-wet pullup one morning after days and days of refusing to get dressed. The bus driver was in full cooperation and the principal was too. Unfortunately, he thought it was hilarious and the next day asked me to pack his clothes so he could get dressed in the school bathroom again.
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    That would soooo be J- she would keep on dawdling just to get to go in her pj's for the attention! I did think about trying that, but just knew that it would backfire on me.

    NAFEKOH-Keep on trying new things- eventually you will hit on something that affects him enough to make him want to change. It took over 2 years with J but we finally seem to have it under control. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Just another thought...I told my son that I was going to make a flyer and post it at his school stating that his mommy had to put his pajamas on him and brush his teeth. I even turned on the computer and starting making thing I know, he is in bed PJ's and all yelling "Good Night, want to smell my breath?" Sometimes the natural consequences work better.
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    He's 8 I don't think it sounds mean I think it would be considered a natural consequence. Put your clothes on in 5 minutes or wear your PJs your choice. of course I still dress mine while he's asleep because I don't want to deal with his slowness LOL I have absolutely no room to talk but the idea sure sounds good on paper huh
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    that's my son don't you just hate it when it backfires of course i guess it's a good quality that they don't seem to care what others think of them for later on in life
  9. I'm going crazy!!!

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    i'm gonna try that one tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Too funny!
    You're lucky it worked!!! It never worked for me when my difficult child was little. Even the teachers were talk to him and he didn't care.
    At almost 11, he's finally at an age where he cares.

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    Just a quick update....we had a good mrning yesterday but today it was the same ol thing. I am going to try some of the ideas that were suggested until I find something that works. Have a good weekend everyone.
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    Glad to hear you had at least ONE good morning! LOL I used the spray bottle with my son. I only had to do it a couple of times before he got with the program. He was still grumpy but he was up. Actually one time was very fun for me! hee hee hee. I had warned him, he didn't believe me (of course) so when I sprayed his feet, he practically levitated off the bed. He then got right in my face yelling and hollering at me so I just took a step back and sprayed him in the face. Shut him right up and the look on his face was priceless! :smile: :devil: