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  1. Dara

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    Today was the first day that I was involved in his therapy for the last hour. It is a new thing we are doing every day he has therapy. i was amazed! I literally did not recognize this child sitting next to me. He was compliant with each request. He was speaking in full sentences. He needed help and they were not so clear but he has never done that at home. He will speak in short phrases but not like this! 85% of the time at home, he is using nonsense words or flat out ignoring us! His therapist had some blocks and he made a pattern with them and asked Sammy to do the same pattern and he did it no problem. Then he hid the pattern and showed sammy for a few seconds and Sammy had to copy it! It was amazing! He wont let us teach him anything! We have to shell out thousands of dollars for him to learn! Unbelievable!
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    WOW! How wonderful that he had a positive result & you got to witness it! :D
  3. Dara

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    The problem we are having is that he wont do any of this stuff at home. Never has so it is frustrating to us that we cant do this stuff with him. he wont do it!
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    This is a big step. Are you in the same room as him or are you hidden from his view? This will definately help with getting him to apply the skills he has during therapy to home.
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    What a conundrum!!! It is hard to grasp, really why he would be this way.....however.......I have to say it is progress that he is doing things, and talking with you in the room, albeit still for other people. Sounds like the therapist is doing some integration of Sammy's 2 worlds - and having some positive results. I will keep my fingers crossed that the melding of the 2, continues.
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    Hi Dara!
    I wonder if you being in the room will encourage him to do this at home? I'm sorry for the frustration you're dealing with - but it must have been wonderful to see this today! There has to be some way to figure out why he won't do this at home, but I would hope that your presence in therapy will help this along. Glad it was a great experince1
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    this is amazing progress!! I am really happy for your son
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    We have been through this so many times in therapy. He will have good days and bad. A lot of times he does exactly what he is supposed to do there but at home nothing changes. That is the part that is so difficult. I am so proud at how well he is doing there and I am excited to see how well he can do in general. He is his own worst enemy. He stops his own progress and it is infuriating! He has this amazing ability to learn anything quickly. If he would do what he can do, who knows the possibilities for him. Its that dang behavior that always gets in the way of progress at home!
  9. totoro

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    What does the therapist think? Has the therapist ever come and worked with him in home? Ours both our Occupational Therapist (OT) and therapist have come into our home and worked with what we have.
    Yeah I would be Baffled and frustrated by it all... to say the least! Are they going to slowly integrate you into the sessions?
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    THe therapist knows all of this. He has worked with Sammy since he was a year old. We have been trying this for a long while on and off. He thinks Sammy could easily catch up if he would let himself practice at home but he wont. Basically, I am in the therapy for the last hour every m-w-f. We will see if this works this time...
    We go to our new neurologist tomorrow so we will see what happens then!