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  1. bby31288

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    easy child 17, her Junior Prom is tomorrow night. She just called from the nurses office, her boyfriend didn't go to detention yesterday so he has been suspended from school and cannot go to the prom.

    easy child is crying, besides all of the money spent on the dress and the altering, the highlights in the hair, etc.

    I asked her if she could ask a friend to go, but we aren't even sure if they can get a tux that quick.

    Plus if that was your son, would you be willing to run out the day before the prom to rent a tux to go to the prom with a girl who just asked you?

    UGH. I know there are more important things going on in the world, but it just seems like we cant catch a break. Honestly, I call uncle, waving my white flag...i can't take much more.
  2. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I'm the mother of 2 boys and YES! I would.

    Tell her to find that friend! Most tux places have a few "emergency backups" or can get them, at least around here. If they don't have a full tux, they can probably come up with a viable solution. A formal jacket and black jeans is status quo for the western crowd, and there's a ton of other options these days. Does she have a close cousin, or uncle, or aunt? Even another girl, borrowed or Goodwill dress and even a female friend or relative?
  3. bby31288

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    She could bring a female friend. I know one of her friends didn't have a date and didn't plan on going. I asked her about bringing her male friend and she is adament about not asking him. I don't know why? I offered to call around to tux places and see if it is possible to rent anything for tomorrow before she asked him, but she said no. I will give her time to settle in and reproach the subject this afternoon after school.

    Thanks Shari for your suggestions. I will mention them to her.
  4. meowbunny

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    My daughter never had a date. She went with a group of friends and had a ball. Some of the group were in dates, but there were enough "freelancers" for everyone to feel comfortable at the dinner and in the limo and, of course, at the dance itself. Hope she finds an acceptable option. She really can have fun without the schmuck.
  5. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    My brother's date bailed on him last minute in high school. We lived in an incredibally small town, and the local gas station owner also owned a great big old blue limo. My brother and a couple other guy buddies who weren't going to prom initially rented this guy a tux, they rented colored tuxes for themselves, complete with top hats and canes (pastels were the thing then - and I think that was partly what was available at the time - one was even purple) and they went to prom and had the best time ever! After that, they wished they'd never bothered with dates at previous proms.

    One year our prom king and queen wore matching tux coats with tails, vests, ties, white shorts, and converse canvas tennies and looked really sharp.

    My oldest brother went with his much younger sister-in-law another year.

    All of them had a great time!

    If I was closer, I'd offer to take the in the carriage!
  6. Hound dog

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    My girls had dates, but many many of their friends preferred to go in groups. No one thought a thing about it. And they all had a great time.

    After all that effort and expectation, she should go with or without a date. Odds are she'll have a blast anyway.
  7. skeeter

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    my son absolutely refused to rent a tux - he just wore his good black suit that he had his senior pictures taken in.
  8. Andy

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    Last year when my daughter was a Jr, her school held their Sr/Jr Banquet which includes a Grand March. They don't do a dance but dress is as a prom. My daughter was not allowed to do the march on her own and refused to have a 10th grader as an escort so she missed out on this last year. I was soooooo mad at the school - I really believe Proms are glorifying dating and if you don't have a boyfriend than you are not good enough for the March. Why can a girl or boy not be individuals and be presented on their own? She was allowed to attend the banquet and bowling afterwards but the March is the highlight and dream of girls attending.

    Anyway, this year as a Sr she attended a very small private school that does not have a prom. She had no connections with anyone in the public school to go to that (which is fine with me - so boring watching how many hours of kids walking through waiting for yours when it is a large school?). So it looked like no prom for her.

    Then her cousin 4 hours away invited her to go to her prom with her. She found a friend to be my easy child's escort. It was so important for my daughter to have the experience of a March.

    Then, just a few days before the event, cousin's date backed out (needed to stay home to take care of sick mom). So, cousin asked her dad to take boyfriend's place. Dad even went out to eat with easy child, cousin, another girl and the bfs. Cousin received permission for dad to do the March with her. He asked what the parents would think and I replied, "all the dad's will be jealous."

    It was a great event for all involved.

    I can't see signatures while replying so don't remember if a dad is in the picture or not. Otherwise, the school may offer an escort just for the March?