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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. slsh

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    OK, I don't usually watch the Westminster Dog Show unless Diva has commandered the flickie and is watching reruns on Animal Planet. But I had to watch last night and root for Uno. He took Best in Show, and it was just so cool. I love that he bayed and bayed... guess I was kinda surprised that he sounds exactly like our beagle Angelina.

    I'm really not a dog person. They're too high maintenance. Aloof cats are more my style. But I do have to say our Angelina is the sweetest dog in the world. Not the brightest bulb in the lot and OMG, does she howl, but I've never seen a dog who actually hugs. If you squat down in front of her, she puts a paw on either shoulder and just nuzzles her nose in your neck. Sweet girl.

    Uno sure is one handsome beagle and I was just tickled to see him win last night.
  2. busywend

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    I saw this on the news this morning. I really did not think too much of it, but seems like it may be the talk for beagle lovers today!
  3. meowbunny

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    Uno is a cutey and it's about time a beagle won rather than some of the exotic looking dogs. It really is rare for a "plain" dog to win the Westminster. It's usually the showy ones but he sure does have a lot of personality. I'm still trying to get over that Uno got a standing ovation, something pretty much unheard of in the dog world.
  4. SRL

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    I saw it on CNN and showed my kids this morning. What a little cutie!

    When I was a girl we had a beagle named "Happy Beagle". Fit him perfectly too.
  5. donna723

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    He's very spirited, has lots of personality and showed very well. The judges take notice of that. He seemed to know that he won and was really enjoying himself. I'm another one that's glad to see him win instead of some of the more exotic varieties that you never hear of except in the dog shows! He's a cutie!
  6. Star*

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    There was a HUGE write up in our paper all week about this - and of course patty hearst (yes THE patty hearst) and her French Bulldogs were a subject of gossip -

    But UNO is from SC!!!!!

    We watched it until sarcastic DF said some unkind things about the man who had that beautiful little white miniature poodle - We showed dogs all our lives - and yes, we showed at Westminister and by invitation of the Queen at Krufts in London England. THAT was something - showing your dog in an evening dress - my Mom went - it was very neat she said.

    My dog still wins first prize in my heart - NO one belts out in a howl/cry I ROVE MY MAAWWWW MAAAWWWW like he does - and come to think of it no one gets THAT excited to see me home after work either!

  7. mrscatinthehat

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    I miss being able to watch the show but it was on the news about the beagle. I have to say they are sweet dogs and was glad to see one win. I just love my doggies more though.

  8. Sue C

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    I missed the show but saw Uno on the news this morning. The announcers were excited just talking about it! Uno is adorable!! My next door neighbor has a beagle that is so cute, too, but I hate when she howls. It gets my dog all riled up and he runs to the window barking.

    Anyway, yea for Uno!!