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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Jan 24, 2012.

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    difficult child got a call from the supermarket she was working at until 2 weeks ago. They want her at another store. She was given no reason for the layoff by the store manager. The store diector was not happy and told difficult child she had done well and she would try to find her a place at a close by store. It isnt too far but in a scary neighborhood. I have not heard of any crime there, but...... She will have to ride the bus on occation to get there if they schedule her after 1:30 in the afternoon. She was happy yesterday to hear the news.

    I am glad that some of her time will be filled-not sure how many hours she will get. She pretty much does nothing (except for the list I have to leave) all day. She is on the phone a lot. A few days looking for work.

    Last Friday we had some of her friends over that attend my school before a rally they were all going to. difficult child made a nice meal for them. But she had to be the center of attention. She was silly, loud, and even bizarre at times. I tried to get her to calm down-everyone was laughing so she loved the attention and would not mellow. At one point she was quite rude to me and told me to go into my room if I didn't like it. I told her she would not be having a group of friends over again if that was going to be her M.O. I have never seen this behavior before. Yes she is silly at times. Yes she likes attention, but this was just tooooo much.

    Can't get straight answers about her account and how much money she has left. She asked if I would pay for microdermabrasion. Her skin got really scared when she was in the state Residential Treatment Center (RTC). They did not take care of her acne medications. She has really red scars all over. I don't know what to do. We can get them at a close by beauty school. We had told her we would only provide the basics. I have some guilt because this happened to her and despite my efforts to get them to comply with the medications they did not. Should we go do this? I hestitate because she still is not following all the rules-sometimes doesn't call and check in when with a friend, doesn't do chores before she goes, has been rude, and I think that when she worked, she was buying pot (no proof, just my gut).
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    I may be wrong, but it sounds to me like your gut says....yes, I want to help and do this for her....but not yet.

    Is that a fair assessment of what you posted? I think I'd feel the same, but of course have no experience in this area.

    You are a great mom. I am sorry she acted like that. Sounds like she got so very carried away. Q does that too. SO desperate for any attention so once other kids laugh...he just doesn't control any appropriate response to authority.
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    Yes, I do want to do it for her. I want her to earn it though. The overstimulation thing is so worrysome with our kids. It keeps them from having normal relationships. I'm sure these kids must have been shocked even though they laughed. They have been her friends for a long time-I think they just accept her??
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    {{{hugs}}} such a dilemma-our kids pull us close when they want something -yet have no qualms about pushing us away when they don't.

    Strictly on a skin care note- is she taking or using acne medications now or did she in the recent past? If so-her skin is likely too fragile for micro dermabrasion.

    If you are willing to pay for it & it's suitable - I might make the appointment in the future to encourage "good" behavior. Afaik-you need a few sessions of dermabrasion- which may give her great reasons to be cooperative.

    Just follow your instincts- do what seems right for you!
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    It sounds to me like your daughter is a little socially immature. Mine was like that too and she acted much the same way, always having to be the center of attention and laughing very loudly inappropriately. Much of it was to hide her insecurity. It may be that your daughter is feeling insecure because of her skin condition and by having this procedure it may help her to fit in more without being silly.