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  1. Spoke with a lawyer today(on phone) about what the teacher did in class with difficult child & classmates. All she suggested is to file a complaint with the superintendent/or State board so it would be in her (teachers)records. Guess I was expected to get more of a response from her(lawyer). She said that there wasn't anything illegal to charge or have a case on.???? Any thoughts??>>>>(This is where the teacher had my difficult child clasmmates write down why he should be taken out of their room)
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    As appalling as what the teacher did was, the lawyer is correct. This is a disciplinary matter with the school district. A formal complaint is the correct place to start.
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    Hey B.

    (gotta laugh I have a friend that I call.....) oh never mind.

    Look - post this in the education forum.

    Put a short story of what happened
    What age your son is
    what grade he's in
    Private or public school
    and what measures the school has taken thus far.

    Also what state you're in (not confusion)

    I'm not surprised - they protect their own pretty well.
    Not all teachers are bad. This one however is awful.
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    While the lawyer's probably right about being nothing that can be legally charged, if you feel strongly enough, there's always a civil suit. I thnk the lady in FL is suing.
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    I would file the formal complaint today.

    Star gave you good advice, go and copy your originial post about what happened and repost on the Special Education board. Sheila and/or Martie may have some ideas.

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    It would be a good idea to start the complaint letter and let Sheila and/or martie see it on Special Education before you file it. They are really great at helping, as are others on the Special Education forum.