Update on difficult child 2 (and difficult child 1)

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    So, on Friday I talked to both Principals at the school, the school nurse, DFS AND my EX Husband all before 12!

    This is how it went:
    difficult child 1
    School calls, I missed the call was away from my desk.
    As soon as I get the call I return it and they tell me she isn't feeling well and can I release her to the people she is staying with? I ask what is wrong with her, they transfer me to the nurse who tells me that difficult child 1 and the girl she is living with were SHARING their pink eye medication and obviously it hadn't gone away. Say ok, she can go. Get off the phone.
    2 min. later Asst. Principal calls me (returning my call from the day before) we discuss how she is doing school. He says poorly, won't stay in class, has EVERY excuse in the world to leave and is getting NO credit. He suggest home schooling. I said NO WAY. How is she going to motivate herself enough to do work on her own if she can't do it in a school environment! He says he understands that but, isn't sure how much longer they can go on like this with her. I said I understood. He had to get off the phone for some reason or another. We hang up
    about 5 MIN later DFS calls and says they have a report from the school that I am not responding to their calls! WTF I replied with "that's funny, I just spoke with BOTH principals and the school nurse" wanted to know what was going on. I gave him the short version and told them I DID NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. Do you have any suggestions??? He said that I can file the CHINS on her and that I should call the lady that takes care of that on Tuesday morning! I said, sounds like a GREAT idea and I will be doing that first thing Tuesday.
    Asst. Principal calls back and says they need the POA that the other family has for her for their records. I said I would make sure they received a copy and told him I would be having a meeting with DFS on Tuesday for the CHINS to see if that will help!

    difficult child 2
    Ex Husband calls to tell me that he found out she had stolen the checks while she was still living there and COULD I BELIEVE IT! I said yes, I can? What is next? He said he was going to meet with the bank after 1 and see how they were going to proceed! I called him a few times after that and I guess he has decided that he doesn't want to share with me anymore!

    SO, tomorrow is the big day!! I HOPE they DO SOMETHING!!! I told them I was out of ideas and she CANNOT live with us and behave this way!

    Wish me luck!

    Anyone else ever file a CHINS? (Child In Need of Services) What should expect? What should my mindset be at the meeting tomorrow???

    Thanks for any input and for letting me vent!:capitulate:
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    SO, here is the update!
    difficult child 1 is in Jail
    Found out this morning.

    difficult child 2 is in a Crisis Center
    I went to file the CHINS today and went I left Social Services office (after starting the process) the school called me to tell me that they were having another incident! So, we went up to the school and found out she told the principal she was going to Kick her AS* and that she was NOT coming home. Social Services came up and said that we could voluntarily take her to the Crisis Center so We drove her to the next down to have her admitted. They are still going to go ahead with the CHINS so that when she is done with the Crisis Center she can be placed in a Group home for 6 months to a year.

    IT was terrible cause they asked if she could come home and I told them no! That I knew she needed more then that and she would leave our house anyways!

    I feel bad because I DON'T feel bad! I am just so tired and SO ready for them to own up to their own actions and learn from them!! Apparantly something they are not able to learn at home!

    Anyone else been through this?? Does it make me a HORRIBLE mother because I can sleep well knowing where they both are???