Update on surgery and ex's injuries

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Well, here I am in the hospital. Jana is sleeping peacefully after a lot of pain and nausea all day. She is really dopey, and I hate to laugh but some of what she has said is just hilarious. husband was getting ready to leave and asked me something. She thought he said something about going home and chewing tobacco, and she preceded to tell him how to do it, with slurred speech and gestures. Even after he told her that he didn't say anything of the sort. He told her the pt's will be in in the morning to work with her. She told him but I can't be late for school---she hasn't been to school in a year.

    We will be here a few days. She was not prepared for the amount of pain she feels. After her previous surgeries she was up and about very quickly. She is usually not a cryer. But several times today she broke down from the pain.

    Ex's mom and dad headed to Texas yesterday by car. It is an 18 hour drive. He had surgery yesterday. The put the ankle back together and put pins and plates althoughuout his lower leg. They got a call this morning that he was going back in for emergency surgery. He has compartment syndrome. She called earlier and they were there. He was sleeping and they were doing a blood transfusion. He is slit open on both sides from the knee to the ankle. He will be like that for several days. Hopefully they can save the leg and ankle.

    Continue to think good thoughts for both of these kids. It's going to be a long road for both of them.
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    Continued prayers being said for a full recovery.
    Sending strength and healing thoughts to all.

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    Ugh. That's a lot of medical problems for anyone to deal with! Hugs and prayers for everyone's healing...
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    Hugs and prayers for quick and painless healing.
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    Sending hugs and hopes for a quick recovery and less pain.

    and some quiet time for you at some point. :)
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    I am sending healing prayers for Jana and ex. I know how painful the sliced leg can be because my mom had bypass surgery and they cut both her legs from top to bottom looking for good veins. That pain lasted longer then the heart surgery.

    My oldest just bought a motorcycle...