Update on trying to get medications help

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Well, we've gone through SSI disability (we make too much money), Medicaid (we make too much money), lots of websites promising free or reduced cost medications (we make too much money)and so on...see the pattern? :confused: I, personally, don't know anyone who has and extra $1000 per month to pay retail for medications...certainly we don't.

I've still got applications in with several organizations and am waiting on responses, but I'm not holding out too much hope. I heard about a program yesterday called Community Alternative Program that provides help with medical expenses to those who could be institutionalized, but the family would rather care for them at home, but cannot afford to do so. I don't know if we fall into this category, quite, but I want to check it out. I'm going to try the Free Medicine Foundation suggested by someone in my previous post and see what happens.

We'll run out of pharmacy benefits for him at the end of May, so I MUST have something in place before then. I appreciate the suggestions each of you have made and need anything else you can come up with. I crave your prayers that God will provide. I believe that he will, but I just need to trust Him to do so.

Thank each of you for your help. Hugs.



Did you try that new pharmacy card that they were advertising recently?

Many of the religious based charities eg Catholic Charities have a program to help with medication costs.

Have you tried calling the SW dept at the biggest local hospitals? They should have a list of programs.

Believe me I know how difficult this is. I was without my medications for many, many months. Finally someone here pointed me to needymeds.com which is how I got mine last yr. This yr I'm getting them free from a large local teaching hospital that runs a free pharmacy based on need.

This may be a long shot... but did you get the SSI info from an examiner in your local SSA office? I say that because the 800 number for SSA is hugely and notoriously wrong. The Medicaid piece of the SSI is by state not by SSA. That is, even though you don't qualify for the monthly cash from SSI due to the income, sometimes the child can get Medicaid from the SSI qualification under the state rules. Having been dealing with this SSI nonsense for awhile now I can say that the only informed people I've ever found are the local SSA examiners.


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call the CHIPS program thru Blue shield (united concordia) the only number I know by heart is this one, but they may be able to point you in other directions:


they cover kids if the parents income qualifies.

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Hi..I don't know much about the insurance game since mine has been a learning experience in trying to get services..but I have a friend who when her son's benefits ran out they put him on medicade under emergency...hope that helps...