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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Well, we visited the new school. I do believe it has a lot of what difficult child needs. He would be the youngest there which just kills me. But they do have positive reinforcement programs. They earn rewards and points and get to shop at the class store. They do student of the day and the month. They will test him academically to gauge where he is and begin working on his curriculm. They are not just behavioral based, but also academics is high priority. They use time-out at your desk or a time out room. They are all taught the proper restraint techniques if needed. They are using the Boystown method (which I need to research). They also receive group and individual therapy. This program is in a wing of a regular elem school so once they are safe they start to receive inclusion into the regular classes, lunch, etc. They also do music therapy.

    My husband and I know that this really is our only hope, although we are just so sick about having to make this decision. husband feels the SD jumped too soon. He was pulled from his reg class on the 3rd day of school, in a way I do too, but yet what he did scared the kids, hurt a teacher and a para and was just not safe. I mean even as of yesterday he kicked his teacher and its just him an her in her office! I just feel that if we don't do this now we will lose him and then what will we have on our hands when he is a few years older, not to mention a teenager. I mean the attitude I get now at times is like that of a teenager. I am just sick to have to pull him from the kids and school he knows and pop him in a room with some kids that may be slightly worse off than he is, but I am not seeing any other choice.
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    This program sounds similar to the self-contained ED program my son is in, although I believe the academics here are watered down. When my son was placed there by our county SD in August, I have to admit it was a bittersweet victory for us. We had fought so hard for the placement because we knew he needed this level of support. However, we certainly weren't happy that he needed to be there.

    Just know that this is not a forever decision. I am fond of saying that we make our school decisions "each kid, each year."

    I hope things go well for your son in this program. How are his new medications working?