UPDATE: Poor, pitiful me syndrom


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I heard from difficult children teacher tonight. I feel better. I replied and let her know my novels were my way of fast tracking her knowing me until I can start volunteering when youngest easy child is in preschool. I let her know two steadfast rules regarding difficult child. One about his fake vs. real crying and the other about him telling the truth vs. lying. He is a pretty easy read when it comes to both of these if you know him.

Anyways, I thought those of you who had been keeping up may want to know I'm relieved by her email.

Here is what she wrote:

"Hi! I hope everything settled down for you all and you were able to enjoy the weekend. You don't need to explain or worry. I am a mom too, and I know that all kids have their own ways of trying to get what they want, and sometimes being firm with your child is the only way they will understand that getting what they want all the time is not always in their best interest. I can assure you that difficult children crying on Friday did not make me feel sorry for him. I let him know that no one is going to feel sorry for him when the decisions that he makes are not good
decisions and that when he makes a bad decision there is always natural consequences he will have to face. In this case, he could have ended up feeling or being sick because he took the cookie that did not belong to it and ate it. In any event, when he did not get the attention he was looking for, he stopped the crying. I think it might have started up again in the office. I'm sure I will get to know him a lot better in the next couple of weeks and I will know when he is really hurt or just
looking for some extra attention.

In terms of his snack, I only saw difficult child eat his pickles at snack
time. Now that I know how sneaky he can be with the food, as in the case of the cookie, I'm sure he could have easily eaten the other foods as well when my attention was focused on another student or on the lesson at hand. I may move difficult child close to my teacher table so that I can monitor this better when we start our multitasking in language arts, and I have reading groups going. Is the drink you are sending water? He has been getting this out and keeping it on his desk first thing each morning, and has been refilling it when he needs too at the water
fountain. If there is anything else you have questions or concerns about, or if there is anything else I can do to help, just let me know.

Thanks everyone for talking me through it. You guys are so great! :bravo:


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She sounds like a teacher that is really going to work with you and difficult child! Keep those lines of commnication open......



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What a great response! Your fears were unfounded - it must be such a relief for you, especially after last year's horror time.

I remember easy child in Kindergarten & Year 1 - another kid in the class would steal from lunchboxes, especially easy child's. I had to be careful what I sent in for easy child because of allergies, so when other kids were getting watered down artificially flavoured fruit drink, easy child was getting 100% pure fruit juice - a lot more expensive but no additives in it. When her lunch got stolen the teacher couldn't give her fruit juice to replace it, she only had the (much cheaper) fruit drink which easy child couldn't have, so she would miss out.

The teacher quickly got this girl's measure, moved her closer to her desk for more careful supervision and easy child's lunchbox went to the administration office for safe-keeping. We then racked our brains and found food for easy child's lunch which this girl wouldn't like - dry bread and olives, a rare treat for easy child. And pickled octopus. Because I'd cooked it myself I knew it was free of additives. It would even have been permitted on difficult child 3's low allergy diet (once you allow any seafood). And kids who enjoy this, love to gross out their classmates by letting the little octopus legs hang out their mouths and making them wiggle. It might be something you could try difficult child on, if he's OK with seafood and likes calamari (tastes the same). I'll give you the recipe if you want - food can be desirable to kids for all sorts of strange reasons.

Hmm, summer's coming on, I think I need to cook some more octopus.



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Marg, I love ya, but sometimes your food suggestions really gross me out. LOL The last one when you talked about using your own chickens made the rest of the recipe unreadable for me. Thats how sensitive my stomach is. Even if difficult child could and would eat octopus, I couldn't cook it. My stomach is too sensitive for that creapy stuff! I know, I'm a wimp! His stomach is even more sensitive than mine, so I doubt anything that looked funky would make it to his mouth. This kid gags over things that are green, never mind things that have legs.

I do like the idea of keeping his lunch in the office. Maybe one step down is for the teacher to keep it on her desk until lunch. Who knows.


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I can't eat chicken legs because its veiny and still looks like part of the chicken. My entire family is cajun, but you won't catch me eating crawfish because those lil boogers still have the heads on em and their staring at me. Just talking about this makes my stomach turn.


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Hey allstressed,

Glad it turned out well. Keep letting this lady know what's up, she will keep the kids in line!

Ihope my post about the cafeteria and food prescriptions got through to you. If you have any questions, or it didn't, jsut PM me. We went through a bunch with my youngest and the cafeteria. Now he can't take any peanut anything to school. No peanut butter crackers, sandwiches, anything. And jeepers creepers, if it doesn't have peanut butter he doesn's like it (neither does his dad, unless you can and do put jalapeno's on it!).

Hmmm, my boys aren't so different, just occurred to me that the crackers thank you will now take are the doritos jalapeno ones!! LOL, just made me giggle!

Anyway, I am not always on during the day, but I do check back. And if another mom in my son's class hadn't run the cafeteria I would NEVER have gotten his food allergies cared for. So, if I can help let me know!