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    Ladies you were right. Thanks. I didn't make the call. I did call my sister/aunt (a Methodist minister) and she talked me down a little. My baby was just sooo down in that letter on Saturday. My mommy heart was hurting, but...she is an adult. She made an adult choice. And I know she'll be okay.

    I got 2 letters today dated Monday and Tuesday---actually notes. She apologized for Saturday's letter. She knows her moods are swinging. She said she is okay. She knows she will get through this.

    Thanks for helping me see what I needed to see.:whiteflag:
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Did you KNOW that you CAN NOT get on Fort Jackson with balloons and a smiley face cookie? You can't even SEND THEM IN for anyone.

    -Just so you know I broke it's little ankle in the pastry box - yes it had little legs.

    :D The nerve of the government - and NOW because of them I'm going to have a huge, fat, butt and a lot of balloons.
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    Thanks Auntie Star. LOL. The gesture is appreciated.

    Interesting side point. I have been in contact with another mother. Her daughter broke her leg at Jackson on the obstacle course. She had surgery and had a plate and pins put in. She was returned to medical hold. There, because she had to be self sufficient and not allowed to get adequate rest, she developed an infection. She had another surgery this past week. The dr. told the mom that he would keep her in the hospital as long as he was allowed so that she might have a chance to heal before she has to do for herself again. I don't feel so bad now. How sad! But I did offer to send you of sister preacher over to check on her daughter. I guess they can get visitors in the hospital????