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    Step-mom (M) was taken off the vent (again) today and aside from something to help calm anxiety from the whole situation, is off all sedatives. After wigging out last Wednesday during the removal of her balloon pump, we were 100% sure that her language center was not affected by lack of oxygen. She used a VARIETY of words and in the correct context. Today we got confirmation of her dexterity. Before they removed the vent, she was apparently using some um...sign language. They provided her with a paper with pictures and the alphabet that you can point too and at one point, Dad cracked a joke about her spelling. He got some sign language too. (snort) She was on the vent since last Wednesday so isn't really able to talk much yet but she is awake and communicating in various ways. (lol)

    Things are looking up but I'm not completely relaxing yet. I do feel comfortable coming home as M's parents are there if needed at the house and I'm as close to the hospital from my place as I am from theirs. (With the exception of about 24 hours from Sunday to Monday, I've been at Dad's since last Monday)

    Thank you all again so much for the thoughts, prayers and nekkid chicken liver dances. She's a fighter but all of that helps too. Once I know she's at a point that I know she'll remember what I tell her, I'll be sure to tell her about all of the wonderful people around the world who have been praying for her!
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    Glad to hear she's doing better. I hope it continues. Sounds like she's coming back rather well.

    Now get yourself some much needed rest. I'm sure you're worn out.

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    <<<hugs and prayers>> for healing and peace
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    Oh, that's such reassuring news to hear! I'm glad she has improved so much... maybe she'll be outta there soon.