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Hi Family:

I am going away for 11 days to Florida.
Just wanted to give an update.
She's okay.
She's in the soberhouse- 30 days full restriction (only to program and meetings) and psychiatric evaluation for new medications!!!! :bravo:
She is contrite, looks horrid and wouldn't look me in the eye. She saw her son today and let us leave in less than an hour....Okay.... :hypnosis:
She says she tried to warn me......(don't know what this means)
She says she is not having fun or liking her life when she is high, yet, she did this :smile:
I know it is the disease....I am saying the Serenity Prayer over and over.
By the way, Baby J has said his first word (besides DaDa) He said "Duck" yesterday!!!!! :bravo: :smile: :rofl:
I think we may have a genius.......I just hope he uses his smarts for good :warrior:

See ya all in a few days!!!!



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have a wonderful wonderful trip. I'm going there on March 10th myself and I can't wait.

Good to hear she's restricted to all but the program and meetings. Hopefully she'll come around and learn something different this time.


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time to buy him a r u b b e r duckie! I love when they talk. Kaleb is so nice to talk with on the phone.

I am so happy you are there with the baby!


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Sorry, I meant my post to be in response to your last. Time to pull over and change the air in my head! :smile:


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Thinking of you all as I fondly and often do.
Hoping you have a peaceful trip.

With love,
ps...who's "large and in charge" hugs.