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  1. Hound dog

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    Bear with me, dogs are my life right now. LOL

    Sadie is doing amazingly well. She's not perfect, but I didn't really expect her to be.

    I've nailed her down to a shepard coon hound mix. I guess I'll have to do a little research with coon hounds as I know nothing about them except we had a little coon hound puppy come visit us a few years ago every so often. Sweet as anything. Then she just stopped visiting. I think her owners moved away.

    The crate is pretty much a non issue. Cheese seems to be a great incentive to get to motivated to go inside. She might whimper a teeny bit if she's not tired, but she doesn't do it but a few minutes. (at least it's not the deafening cries of before)

    Definitely house trained. Not a single accident.

    Needs some manner training. Has a tendency to jump up. We're working on it by turning our backs on her and refusing to acknowledge her until she gets down. She's already improving by a lot.

    She has learned Fetch the hedgehog and Tug O War. She's not sure which is her favorite yet.

    She has already learned Drop it, in relation to the above. She does pretty well. Not perfect yet but 9 times out of 10 she'll drop it pretty quickly.

    She is feeling more secure. She doesn't need me loving on her or playing with her every single moment she is awake now. (thank god ) She has started to self play a bit.

    She has adjusted super well to both Molly and Rowdy and so far they're doing very well with her. I think she's figured out that other than the herding ball Molly is not going to play with her no matter how fun she tries to make it look. So now she just mostly checks on her........goes up and licks her face and then leaves her alone.

    I do think I *might* have figured out why her previous owner tossed her out. Sadie is a "nervous chewer". She'll even go for furniture. But she won't as long as there is someone around. And so far she is redirecting well. I'll just have to stock up on those big raw hides for her. Because it might be "bored" chewing too, maybe more than nervous chewing. She chewed the pastic tray of her new crate.......took the whole corner off. So if she keeps that up, she'll just have to have a blanket and sleep on the wire mesh.

    She shows *potential* to be a counter surfer, but redirects well so far.

    She found out this morning that Bruce does NOT play with dogs. Got her nose scratched. LOL

    Things are slowly relaxing around here, though, and Sadie is settling in pretty well. I just feel bad for it her because on days I work (at least until Darrin is out of school and the boys can come here for sitting) she has to be in her crate for a huge percentage of the day.
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    If she's crated for a long period of time and is easily bored, consider buying a couple of those heavy duty rubber Kong toys that you can fill. I used to mash up dog biscuits, mix with peanut butter, fill the Kong and freeze it. In the morning, I'd toss it into the crate and it seriously kept the dogs busy ALL day until someone came home. That was back when our schedule was different and the dogs had about 6 hours straight in their crates. Nala was our chewer and this broke her of that habit...she learned to chew on the Nylabones and Kongs. And likewise, Izzy the tiny Yorkie, same thing. Sophie doesn't care - as long as she can find a spot to lay that allows her to see out the window, she's happy. Glad Sadie is settling in. As you can tell, dogs are always my life, lol.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I may try the kong with her. It has never gone over well with any of my other dogs. They just weren't interested no matter what was inside.

    But my other dogs would look at squeak toys as if I was an idiot for buying them such things too. And yet Sadie LOVES the plastic squeak toys so maybe she'll go for the kong.

    I think I'll pick her up one tomorrow when I go out for a raw hide run and to pay some bills. :)
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    I'm impressed that she is training so well in such a short time, but then I'm not used to dogs. I'm used to difficult child kids.
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    There's another one called "buster" or something like that... it's a puzzle-toy for dogs. You put the food in (dry kibble), then set the difficulty level, and the dog has to figure out how to get the food out. But they have to be real SMART to like that one... so only get it if the kong isn't her thing.

    Check on your kong tags - used to be, you could buy and try - they gave you a 30-day guarantee. If your dog didn't like it, you could send it back...

    (because... kongs are really expensive)

    Our dogs don't really have an issue with the odd day of mostly-crate... as long as they get their washroom breaks. I wouldn't really like it as an all-day every-day thing, but some dogs don't seem to mind that either.