UPDATED!! Could use a few pointers...

on how to entertain an 11 yo boy. I am with a new foster agency and they called today to ask if I could do respite from this Thursday afternoon until at least Monday.

Been a looooong time since I have had a boy in our home of that age. I guess he has ADHD that is well controlled on medications. Supposed to be a sweetie.

Aly is soooooo excited, as he is African American (she is as well).

Was thinking of taking all of them to see Shrek 3. Probably do an ice cream parlor trip. Was thinking of possibly going to one of those ceramic places that you can paint a mug or a plate and they fire it and make it all shiny. Is that too weird a thing to do with an 11 yo boy?

Any of you out there with that age group of boys, what do they most like doing? We have many nice parks and hiking trails. We also have an awesome play yard in our back yard, and a safe street to ride bikes on.

I am not big on computer games or video games, hopefully he will be comfy here and find lots to do.

Thanks for any suggestions may you have!!



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I think what you have planned so far sounds good. The pottery place you can play by ear when he gets there. When my son was 11 he would have loved something like that but other boys I know would have thought it was "dumb". Bikes would be good as would the back yard. Hiking sounds good too but I would wait to make sure he's not a "runner". I'm sure he will bring a couple of things with him (you could always check with the agency and also make sure they know it's ok for him to bring his bike) My son was always into building stuff too.....leggos, knex, anything like that. Maybe do a movie/pizza night one night assuming there are no food restrictions. I know you want to make it a pleasant experience for him but don't feel like you have to have things planned for the entire time. He could be just as happy to play in the yard or ride his bike as do "outings". Just play it by ear once you meet him and get a feel for his personality and energy level. Once that happens you'll have a better idea of what to do. Good luck and have fun!

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Well, if he has ADHD I would stick with bike riding, hiking, soccer, baseball... things that keep him running but keep his mind on an activity.

Not sure about the ceramics. I guess that depends on the boy but sounds more girly to me.

I know all the boys that difficult child plays with in neighborhood like to play with our dogs. Do you have a dog park nearby?



Sounds good, but I'd play the ceramics thing by ear. He may really enjoy it, but it's doubtful he'd admit it at that age. LOL Bike riding, skateboarding, music, sports, building things....that's what my son and his friends did at that age. I wouldn't over-schedule though. I'm sure he'd appreciate some down time, too.


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Anything physical, Vickie, whole body activities (like what has been suggested---biking, skateboarding, playground, running, etc) especially with the ADHD.



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Yep...rough and tumble stuff, bikes,skateboarding, video games, movies. You say you have a park near by...any chance it has fishing? Mine were really into that.

If its hot outside they even liked those big squirt guns at that age. Aly and him might enjoy playing with those.


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A lot of 11 year old boys come equipped with Gameboys so don't be surprised if he shows up with one.

My 11 year old would like the pottery activity however he wouldn't like doing it in a shop full of girls and women.

Weenie roast and marshmallows are always good.

Playdough cookies are fun: Add flour to a regular sugar cookie dough, divide into three sections and add three food colors--mix well. Give kids some of each color and let them create, bake and eat!

Sports/hiking/biking--in my opinion, is iffy depending on the boy. I agree that miniature golf and squirt guns are surefire.

My difficult child loves going with me to the bookstore--he gets some books and video game magazines to browse and we sit in the cafe (cookie for him, of course) for about an hour.

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If it's hot, the squirtguns are always a huge hit. My kids were always outside around that age. Bikes were the big thing to do. But I think it'll depend on his interests.

I hope Aly and the boy have a good time together.

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Lots & lots of activity to burn off steam. Personally, I'd recommend a lot of time outdoors. While wm was still living here we would take him to a park called chutes & ladders. It's a huge nonstop climbing park. Tired the boy out.

Anticipate that he will ask for movies that include the latest & greatest of super heroes. I would bet he has the latest trading cards as well.

Can husband work with this little guy one on one? These boys so need a positive male role model. A bit of woodworking? Just thinking out loud here.

Another thought from a personal side. Sometimes it's hard for the parent/caregiver to compete after a weekend of respite. While you want your visitor to have fun - it can be difficult for the child to wind down; settle in to the "real world" after a weekend of nonstop activity. Make sure that your visitor has chores & routine mixed in with the fun. Help the parents at the other end transition the child home.

Good luck with the weekend.


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I think what you have planned sounds fun! Can I come to your house for respite next weekend? A movie, the park and pizza night sounds awesome!

Never thought of it from Linda's angle, though. It would be rough for the parents to compete with a super weekend full of nothing but fun. My difficult child would be a nightmare returning to our 'boring' house after a weekend like that!

I loved SRL's comment about boys coming 'equipped with' Gameboys, etc. It is pretty much a given these days, isn't it?

Hope Aly enjoys her time with this new potential friend!


difficult child is 12 and would love the ceramic thing. But..would never admit to it to anyone.
If my difficult child were to go to a foster home, I don't think he would want to do anything.
You have a lot planned. Sending mine to visit you. lol

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Everything listed sounds interesting and like a lot of fun. I would definitely try to balance it out with some routine and down time. Perhaps have a quiet hour after some vigorous play time? Definitely sticking to a sure routine/schedule is important considering the ADHD component. I think Linda pointed out some very important factors. I don't have boys personally, but I have lots of nephews! Water balloons are a blast, so if the weather is warm....
Super, great ideas, thank you all soooo much! Linda, great suggestion about keeping with a sort of schedule with a few chores thrown in and some quiet time as well. I guess this little guy loves to read, bike ride, play basketball and go to the park. So those are the things we will concentrate on. Just don't want him to feel too weird about being in yet another foster home, even temporarily! I love the idea of a possible new friend for Aly, boy does she ever need that!

His foster mom's brother, who is a Pastor, died suddenly during Sunday's service. So, foster mom, who I got to know at the appreciation dinner last week, is a wonderful woman. I feel so badly for her as well as this young boy who was at the service that this foster "uncle" died at.

Not exactly sure how long I will have him, his last day of school is Thursday and I get him after his swim party for his class.

It's been a long while since I have had foster kids in our home, and never had one older than 3 before. I am really looking forward to this weekend.

Thanks again all!!


Hi everyone. We actually got the boy mentioned in above post last evening. He is so sweet, is very handsome, so polite and Aly is doing wonderfully with him, so far! His manners show that the foster Mom he has been with the last 2 1/2 years is doing some good stuff with him. He is an amazing influence on "Miss Mouth", uh, I mean Aly! LOL!!!

He and Aly played late into the evening outside on the playground and they played basketball for a while as well. I am loving having him here, hoping I can be a regular respite person for him.

He loves his Gameboy and has taught Aly how to make hers work better. He LOVES to read, loves the movies I feel are appropriate and we are watching them together until we go get Jayme from school. She has her 24 hr Halter Monitor appointment in an hour. Please pray for us that she will leave the sticky pad things alone so we can get a good reading. Jayme really likes "J" as well and he is great with her.

I think we will try to do a craft later, while Jayme is napping. Something "not too girly" lol!!

Thanks y'all,

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