Vacations with a medication Question


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My son is getting worse, even since the medications have been taken away. We went camping last weekend and I had a bit of relief, alongside stress and anxiety.

Relief, because I realised I'm NOT the only one he's acting this way. Stress and anxiety because everyone now knows who my son is, at the campground, and in the worse way.

He chose older kids as his target that weekend and proved that my son is a bit too influential, in ways. For example, he jumped on a black kid's back yelling "black man! black man!". He says a kid told him to do it, and I believe that.
As for other things, he was taking the big kids' things, like belts, pins, etc. He was arguing with the kids, playing tug of war with their own things, and getting chased down by a few of them to get their stuff back. He yelled at a camp worker when she told him to leave the arcade after he harrassed some kids playing pool. My husband had to pick him up and escort him out while the staff lady clapped and cheered (a bit rude?).

My difficult child also continued the impulsive dangerous acts, like walking through the fire (right next to me!) until I shoved him out, trying to touch hot rocks from the fire and attempting to burn everything in sight. We've never had these problems camping (we go every year for his b-day) and it's enough to rip your hair out 'til baldness.

Does anybody know how long it takes 18mg of Strattera, administered daily for 5 weeks, to get out of the system of a 50 lb 8 year old?