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    Apparently my son's school decided that his placement wasn't right for him, had an IEP meeting without my presence, changed his placement to all regular ed classes and now have the nerve to be upset because he can't function or "confrom" as they put it. I told his psychiatrist about this and she said that mainstreaming should have been done gradually not all at once which I totally agree with and the guidance counselor says his psychiatrist is not educated in education and doesn't know what she's talking about!!! The guidance counselor says that I must make him "conform" regardless of his placement when I say that I would really like him back in ESE classes and would like to slowly mainstream him to reg ed classes. He must "conform" and I am setting my son up for failure if I want his placement changed back to the way it was is what she says! Is it not setting him up for failure when he is placed in a situation he is not ready for? So who really is setting him up for failure?

    Just a vent. I really can't believe the things these people say to parents.
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    An IEP meeting that you did not know about and therefore could not attend, is not an IEP meeting.

    I would suggest you sent a certifed letter to the Director of Special Education requesting a LEGALLY CONSTITUTED IEP meeting for the purpose of reviewing your son's needs. Obviously, if he is not "conforming" where he is, he needs support of some sort. Their pressuring you is evidence that he is not OK where they have (illegally) put him.

    When was he last evaluated? Have you had an IE done? Do you have access to an on-site advocate who can go with you?

    A "vent" may feel good but your son needs you to advocate for him in this. in my opinion you need to develop the confidence that what your SD did is contrary to law and you should work with them to correct this in the interest of your son.

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    Well I have an IEP meeting in place for Oct 17th. My difficult child has been telling me so many things these last few days. The teachers have him sitting in the back of almost every class. Grrr!! Even more proof that these teachers know absolutely nothing about educating an ADHD difficult child. And I have figured out why he's struggling so much. He has been in ESE classes since first grade. Now they try in 6th grade to throw him in all regular classes (without my permission or knowing). He is not on grade level in math due to the ESE classes. He has no clue how to do certain things because he never learned it to begin with. This is so frustrating for me to explain to his current teachers even more so because they say "well he did so well on the fcat". Of course he did well on the fcat... he had longer to take the test and had special accomadations other students didn't have!!!! What can I do to make them understand this stuff?! It is just so frustrating.