Very Frustrated!


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Many of you are aware my daughter has health issues. She got frustrated and upset a couple of years ago with every doctor just refusing to treat her and refused to go back to them. Not a single one was doing ANYTHING to help her, so I could not blame her. The lack of common sense being used by the docs was astounding.

We asked for ONE thing. To have an EEG done while she was NOT one any medication. That was it. we could not get a single doctor to agree. They would insist that she take antiseizure medications and then 2-3 months later start the scheduling process, so she had 4 months on the medications by the time the EEG was done. So she had no seizures on the EEG. This was used to say she had no seizures and to stop the medications, at which time she clearly had more seizures. After every single pediatric neurology practice in the entire state and 2 in adjoining states did this, she had had enough. She even when through with seeing a neuropsychologist (who did less than nothing) and therapy with three separate therapists who EACH worked with her. EACH psychologist told me to stop wasting money on treatment for convergence/psychosomatic illness and take her to a neurologist becasue it was a neurological issue. The neurologists and (neuropsychologist who did no testing) all insisted it was convergence/psychosomatic.

She is now 21. I thought she was old enough for an 'adult' doctor. I guess not in our town. We have spoken to every adult primary care practice in our town. Either they are not taking new patients, she is not old enough and needs a pediatrician, or she does not fit their 'patient model' - we had to fill out a patient application for 4 of the doctors! This is ridiculous. Almost 20 doctors and not a single one will take her as a patient. Of course the pediatric docs won't see her, she is 21 years old! So on Monday I am going to have to find a doctor in the city 75 miles away.

This isn't something I can put off. A few nights ago she had what I think was a grand mal seizure. She and I had fallen asleep watching a movie on my computer in the bedroom while hubby and thank you watched something on the tv in the living room. I woke up thinking we had a really BAD earthquake. I wake up really fuzzy and it took me a while to figure out what was going on. By the time I could figure out that only the bed was moving and that it was J moving it, it had passed. She does not remember it. I didn't fully put it together until the next day. I have been trying to get her into a doctor since, but even getting a live body on the phone at ANY of the offices has been a real challenge. No excuse, and next time I will be calling 911. I just had absolutely no clue what was going on at the time. But she MUST get in to a doctor and get a referral to a neurologist. I really like the neurologist I am seeing and want her to see him. He seems to have common sense and to use logic, and we need this.


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I can feel your frustration. Navigating the medical system is a nightmare even when there are no serious issues.

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Susie I can understand your frustration. Seizures can be so scary. My husband has had grand mal seizures that happened out of the blue. Scared me terribly. We went to a local neurologist who was awful. She spent 5 minutes with us then prescribed medication that could not be "generic" to the tune of $300 per month. I told her we could not afford that and she wouldn't budge, acted like we were putting her out. We ended up driving an hour away to see a wonderful neurologist who on the initial visit spent 45 minutes with us.
My heart goes out to you and I hope you can get your daughter some good help soon.


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How frightening! For J and for all of you.

Hoping you can find a good neurologist who will do what is necessary. Many hugs.


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I'm horrified! I can't believe any doctor would turn down a patient in need! I understand not taking new patients at all...but making you fill out an application? Telling a 21 year old woman to see a pediatrician? What the hell is a "patient model" anyway?

Seriously, I'd call the state medical board. Can doctors ethically do this?


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Doctors turn away people without insurance. They don't have to see anyone they don't want to see. That's why some indigent people literally use emergency rooms as their doctors. Emergency rooms have to at least stabilize a sick person, money or not, but they do not have to do more than that.

Ethically? I don't think it's okay but it's not up to you and me.

I find it very disturbing. Susie, I hope you find somebody very soon. Huggs and love to you and precious daughter.


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Thanks all. We HAVE insurance. One that actually has a very good rep with the doctors here for paying them on time and fairly well. We actually had fewer problems finding doctors back when hubby was in grad school and we had medicaid for the kids.

As for the application and 'patient model', my neurologist shares a waiting room with one of the docs who had an application. I think he is looking for people who are in good health who are very physically fit who have very few health problems and need very little from him. I got this impression from hearing his staff talk. They were wondering why he went into medicine if he doesn't want any patients who actually need anything more than a yearly physical or a company physical, and why he wanted a private practice instead of going into corporate medicine where all he did was insurance physicals or something. It was enlightening to say the least. We had already called and sent in the application and been denied, so I didn't go up to them and say anything.

Docs can treat any kind of patient they want. One of the docs in town who is now supposedly in 'Internal Medicine" still has a sign up saying he is in pain management and his son's sign says that they are both in dermatology. But the hospital listing has them both as being in internal medicine, aka primary care, so I think they don't have a clue or maybe they just fix computers now. The father has a VERY scary reputation for handing out pain medication like Skittles, so he wasn't a real option anyway. I will drive to the big city before I see him and especially before I let my child see him!