Very new to this...

Today was my first meeting with the school since Pixie's diagnosis. I showed up with an Occupational Therapist (OT) recommendation a handwritten note with all her DXs.

Well her teacher was STUNNED, because she says Pixie is an angel in her class. She says she is a bit bossy and definitely a leader as opposed to a follower, but she never has any trouble with her. And since she displays no sensory issues in class, the Occupational Therapist (OT) in the school said she is not eligible for Occupational Therapist (OT) services in the school.

SO I have no IEP, we are just going to keep an eye on her.

Does that sound about right?


Well, a parent can't just attend a meeting and expect to get an IEP. The child has to be evaluated and then be deemed eligible for an IEP by an IEP Committee (which includes the parent). The process takes 60-90 days.

Tell us what is going on. Is your daughter having behavioral or academic problems in school?
Nope, no problems in school whatsoever. She saves it ALL for me. Of course she is only in kindergarten, half day. Her teacher was stunned when I told her how Pixie interacts with the kids in the neighborhood: very bossy, lack of empathy, physically abusive, even with kids twice her age. She seems not go get the concept of social norms. With me, she is defiant, disobediant, and when she has a meltdown, the whole block knows it.

She is off the charts intelligent and creative. The teachers see that, and they see that she is anxious and talkative. But they easily redirect her. I am not able to do that.

I was not sure what to expect coming out of this meeting. They seemed to be sensitive to my concerns, but kinda like "not a lot we can do". I almost wish she would have her same teacher next year, I just love her. But anyways.

Thanks for your response and any info you may have.



Have you followed the correct steps to qualify your child for special education services? There are "getting started" threads in the Archives of Sp Ed 101 that will help you.

The school has to do a full evaluation if you request it (in writing by certified mail--CM is the only way to go.)

So no, what you describe does not sound "right" at all but most parents find that they must compel SD to observe the law fully (or sometimes at all.) To do this, you need to self-educate which is hard to do if you are feeling depressed. You can get lots of support and advice here but the initiative has to come from you.

My favorite parent ed site is It is easy to use and has parts for beginners as well as advocates and attorneys.

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