Very scary 48 hours!!

Hi family,

Yesterday morning the phone rang and it was easy child 2's fiance saying they had been in the hospital with my g'son to be since 3 a.m.

He was vomiting blood and his blood count was dangerously low. They live about 30 minutes from me, but I swear I got there in 15! He is 3 yo and is a tiny little guy. He looked shrunken and white as the bed sheets.

Hospital admitted him for dehydration and to figure out why he was bleeding. He had had the stomach flu for a few days and then started feeling better then the vomiting of blood.

Zillions of tests later: It was a virus. He was put on a total liquid diet, IV's and Tylenol and finally about 2 a.m. this morning he started perking up.

I tell ya, these little kids can scare the day lights out of ya! He was discharged home on a semi-soft diet, earlier than docs wanted but "R" was freaking out in the hospital and they thought he might do better at home. And he had not thrown up for many hours.

I am home now, exhausted and still worried about the little guy. But easy child 2 is now done with school for the summer and is off work the next few days. So, they should be ok.

Going to take a nap now before kidlets get home from school.

Tired, worried "Grandma",

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How scary! I'm glad he is o.k. Those viruses are scary. I remember last year when difficult child was admitted due to the Rotavirus-totally dehydrated.


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Gosh - that sounds scary!! So sorry your family is going through this scare, but glad the little guy is on the mend. Hope you got your nap.

easy child was hospitalilzed once when she was 4 - flu virus/dehydration/pneumonia. It was scary. She was in 4 days on IVs, etc. Our pediatrician walked us up to her room upon admittance and told them to wheel another bed in bcuz Mom would be staying, too. They don't normally do that sort of thing here, but oddly enough difficult child was inpatient at psychiatric hospital at the time and husband was federally activated Army and not home, so pediatrician. knew where I would want to be. They were so nice to me that it wasn't funny.

Will rattle some beads that your little guy keeps feeling better.


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Vomiting blood....I would have lost it. Glad they figured it out and he has some relief. Scary indeed!

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Gosh, that was quite a scare! I am glad he is better now and home from the hospital.


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OMG! Very scarey indeed!! :smile:

Poor lil guy! :frown: I'm glad he's doing somewhat better, and hope he recovers from this virus soon.

We have a particularly nasty one going around the county right now. Those unfortunate enough to catch it are deathly ill. The severe vomiting and diarrhea are bad enough, then it progresses to vomiting blood and bleeding from the bowels. On top of all that you get a raging fever usually over 102 degrees.

It's not uncommon for such a nasty virus to bring down the elderly and very young, but it's bringing down otherwise healthy adults in alarming numbers as well. Our county hospital is full of patients with the virus. The worst cases (and there have been ALOT) are transported to hosps in Cincy and Dayton.

I hope you get some rest.


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How scary. How is the little guy now? I have never heard of a kid throwing up blood from a virus.

Give us an update when you have taken a rest. How scary. :ill:

Hi Steph and everyone,

"R" is home and resting. He now has an ear infection on top of having the stomach flu and RotoVirus (sp?). But he is doing 100% better than a few days ago!

Steph, the reason he was vomiting blood was that the lining of his stomach was so irritated with high concentrates of stomach acid from throwing up so much, it caused it to bleed. It seemed like it took forever for one of the docs to finally give us a diagnosis that made sense!

I would take being ill over seeing any little one sick, in a heart beat! It was just awful seeing his tiny little body lying there, begging his mommy to make it all better. :frown:

Anyways, these kiddos sure snap back fast from looking horrid to begging to go outside to play!

Thanks for asking!!