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  1. I posted this on the SPED forum as well...but wanted to get as much input as possible. Thanks!

    At the most recent IEP meeting it was decided M would be placed in a therapeutic school. We have been referred to 2 thus far. Start visits next week. He is 15. Should I take him with me to the initial meeting or go by myself? I'd hate to take him and have him like a school that I just feel isn't right for him and having to shoot it down.

    Any suggestions? Any suggestions of questions to ask at the visits?

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    Definitely go alone at first. Ask his input later. You're right in that the two of you will have two different standards of evaluation. No use causing a problem that can be avoided. If he's anything like my difficult child, don't even tell him when you're going to look at schools. That would cause my difficult child to go through the roof, knowing I was doing something that "should" involve him without him
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    go alone. Granted my difficult child was much younger, but when it came time to go from elementary school to middle school, I went and visited a charter school. At that time due to difficult child's age and developmental age, I made the decision for him and he had to go. He was angry and it was hard but it was worth it.

    Your difficult child is older, and may need to have more of a say in where he goes to school depending on circumstances. Hang in there, and do what is right for him.