Vitamin B12 deficiency

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I went in for my physical last week - still waiting for some tests results. However others came in & I was called late yesterday afternoon told that I had a significant vitamin B12 deficiency. Doctor thinks it may be pernicious anemia.

There will be further tests to determine why my body isn't absorbing this vitamin.

This may explain the crushing fatigue & numbness in my face & hands. I got so tired of hearing how stressful my life was - though from a quick google, stress might be better.


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When I was searching for answers to my aches and pains and why I was ssoo tired all the time regardless of how much sleep I got, I was told stress was killing me slowly.

All they said was reduce your stress level. Exercise more and it will help. Well, I could barely fininsh work much less try to exercise.

I went to another doctor that ran a battery of blood test. He found that my iron was very low. He said that was a problem that alot of women have and don't realize.

He started me on iron and within 2 days I felt better.

I have learned where the stress attacks my body and can differentiate between it and something else.

I never really believed how much harm stress could do until it put me in the bed with my problems. I have learned to catch it when it starts and do something to change the stress level


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been there done that also it turned out it was simple anemia for me though. B12 shots were given anyway and they helped. From then on I have always taken a B complex vitamin. I hope you are feeling better soon. -RM


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Sometimes it's a lack of B12. Sometimes it's an inability to absorb it. Sometimes it's something else - the doctor can work it out.

My grandmother died of pernicious anemia in about 1935. There was no treatment back in those days, other than eating raw liver which didn't work if you weren't able to metabolise B12 properly from your diet. I did hear about when they discovered that eating raw liver was saving lives, though - they saved everybody on their trial except one lady who said she'd rather die than eat raw liver. My grandmother did eat raw liver but it was not a good enough fix for her. It kept her going for about ten years, though.
When my grandmother's sister got pernicious anemia in 1970 (I think), she was easily treated with a monthly injection of B12. She did fine. She had a long, healthy, active life and was not inconvenienced by the monthly injections. My great aunt had been young enough to not get pernicious anemia until AFTER injections were available. My grandmother would have lived much longer too, if injections had been available for her. They didn't have B12 supplements back then, either.

My great aunt lived for over 25 years after her pernicious anemia diagnosis. And it was her heart that slowly gave out, when she was 101. Otherwise she would have kept going, getting her monthly B12 injections, still active and fit, for who knows how long? We always joked with her that it would take a silver bullet to get rid of her.

So even if it's the worst possible pernicious anemia, you'll be OK. And it could be even better - a vitamin pill may be all you need. And if it's just a short-term lack of B12 and not pernicious anemia - you won't have to take a supplement for long.



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Linda, hopefully it is easily remedied. I was just tested for lack of B12 as well. So far, there is no reason for my symptoms.

I give up!