Vivitrol? Good? bad?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Eryn, Mar 14, 2016.

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    Has anyone had any experience with the new opiate blocker vivitrol? It's a once a month injection that's supposed to better at suppressing the cravings from opiates? More curious if it works as my sons insurance doesn't cover it and it will be $1200 for 1 injection. Why is the medical field so far behind? Every family member how has an addict know 28 days in rehab doesn't even begin to help a herion addict and finding a year long program that insurance covers doesn't exist. At least my son can't find 1.....the longest help he had was being in jail for 9 months and then a drug court system for the next year but once he was done with that he went right back to herion. 9 years of active use and no hope in site....he's tried methodone(awful awful stuff) suboxone (not much better)
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    I don't know about the shot, but as far as year long programs - have you looked into ministries? My daughter went to a year long program at a ministry and it was 500 a month - that covered EVERYTHING. Once she was able to get a job, she paid for her entire treatment stay and consequently, she feels a lot more ownership in her recovery. It was the best thing that has ever happened for her and our family...
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    Thank you for the info, no we've never thought of a ministry. The problem also with treatments of any sort is that the addict usually has no money or insurance and most families can't afford on top of their own bills another $500 a month. That truly isn't bad for a whole month but if the families are to be detached and not enablers then as advised we shouldn't pay for their again therapy is giving mixed signals to families. It's all so confusing to truly do what's right
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    Eryn, I think PG's daughter worked off her own debt to the rehab. It is worth looking into if your son is ready.......
    I am sorry for your trials with all of this and hope your son gets help.
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    I'm sure she did, in my situation he has used up all the money so my point was actually, for the families that have nothing left, how are their loved ones still supposed to get help? And not some 28 day government program that he's been to so many times he can probably run a program (not really but you get my point) he has the tools but needs longer support longer safe time away from drugs longer counseling.
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    This is a very timely thread! I have been researching the Vivitrol shot since my daughter wants to start using it after she leaves her current rehab. The doctor there told her that a doctor has to turn in a referral for her insurance to cover it and not all doctors prescribe it. He told her that they would help her find one before she leaves the program. I believe there are also Vivitrol pills which are less expensive and any doctor can prescribe those. Of course, that leaves it up to the addict to take them on a daily basis which probably won't happen.

    I have found that there is a very low success rate for Opiate addiction based on abstinence only 12-step programs. The current protocol seems to be medical management with drugs like Vivtrol. There is one down side, it is not supposed to be used for long-term use due to possible side effects of liver damage or hepatitis.

    It is not all that new, either. A counselor wanted my daughter to try it four years ago but my daughter wasn't ready and refused. Now she is begging for the shot. She likes it because it is also supposed to help with alcohol dependence which is her other drug of choice.

    There is a patient assistance program available through the company that makes it. My daughter found a $500 off coupon which, of course, still makes it outrageously expensive without health insurance. I also found a copay assistance program on their website.

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    To get in, she donated her beat up car to the ministry but they don't always require something to get in. Her car paid for her first two months there. Then she built up a bill and when she got to the point in her program that she could work, she paid off her debt and paid her way through. We did not pay a dime and she didn't want us, too. She takes GREAT pride that she did it.

    At the program my daughter went to, you did not need to be a Christian to get in but it is VERY faith based. They take anyone that has a sincere willingness to change. By the time my daughter graduated, we all became believers because we saw first hand the power of God. There is nothing like it... <3

    Ministries help people because they are doing God's work. They are not in it to make money. I would definitely check with some local churches and find out what you can...
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    That's wonderful!!! im so proud of your daughter too!! And she should be proud and I'm hoping my son will find How good that kind of acomplishment can feel!
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    PG's daughter is one of our success stories. It gives the rest of us hope.