Vyvanse for adhd?


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Wow, never heard of it, but sounds like it is brand new.
there are a few things that the website pointed out that I like the sound of. The first one being that it is a 12 hour pill. Our difficult child gets up so early in the morning and I have to give her medications to her pretty early so that I can ensure she takes them before I leave to go to work, so she takes at 6 in the morning, and it is only an 8 hour pill, so by the time she gets to the end of the schoolday, it has worn off. We tried once before to give her a short-acting Focalin that was supposed to last 4 hours to get her through the afternoon once her Concerta wore off, but it turned her into a literal demon child...so we had to stop it. This being a 23 hour pill, I could still give it to her at 6, and she would have PLENTY of medications to get her through her school day and get her through homework time...

Second thing that I like, even though it is an amphetamine, the way it works, it must be digested before the medication is activated...it cannot be used in "illegal drug" form. Our difficult child's bio mom has a methamphetamine addiction and used to have problems with the convenience of using difficult child's medications to make meth from. On the slim chance (and I do mean VERY SLIM CHANCE) her bio mom is ever allowed overnight visits where she would be responsible for giving our difficult child her medications, it would be nice to know that it would do her no good to smuggle the medications to make meth from, because it sounds like it would basically be an inactive ingredient at that point.

I dunno, I would SURE like to hear about your experience with it if you decide to give it a shot, if I hear some positive feedback, maybe we should give it a shot.