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    For those of you wise enough to put back supplies in case of emergency..........Please, make water your TOP priority!

    Now I thought I was doing ok, but I knew this is my weakness because trying to find good containers to store water in is not that easy and can be sort of expensive. If you try milk jugs, they collapse after a period of time, same with the containers you can buy at the store. easy child and I did finally pick up some of those large jugs meant for water coolers.....and I need to get more.....but yeah. I want 55 gallon food grade plastic barrels. Well, if you can find a supplier close, they're pretty cheap. If not, you can pay almost 100 bucks and that doesn't include shipping. We're still trying to pin a source down, I can't afford to order the things.

    And I'll admit I have been through power outage after power outage..........and water was never an issue, so while I was working on it, I wasn't working overly hard.

    So for several days we've been doing over 100 degree temps. A major severe storm front popped up yesterday with 60-80 mph winds, large hail, pouring rain in spots. (not everyone got the rain hail) Nichole got hit hard and retreated to her bathroom scared to death, with good reason. I think Stepto2 got hit hard too.....by the way has she been online today? Storm headed straight for our town and we mostly got those darn winds, and Holy Moly! Downed trees and power lines everywhere. I think they said in the area (dayton cincy ect) there are 1 million people without power. Those winds were scarey! We didn't get much rain...and no hail. Probably a good thing since the wind did so much damage.

    easy child has a downed power line in her back yard.......and is still without power, no one has even come and checked on it yet. Much of the town is without power, so bad that you can't get near a restaurant and I'd hate to see the stores. And yes it was at least 100 degrees again today. So since I had power at 11am easy child and boys came to hang out here.

    Well, while she was scoping the internet trying to see if she could get some idea of when they'd have power again.........she came across a county notice that the county water was running out because they didn't have power and their pumps weren't working. They only had about 2 hrs worth of water left! And they expected to be out for at least several days! Since we're the county seat........I didn't know if "county water" also meant "city water" but I was taking no chances. I started rounding up all those 2 & 3 liter bottles I've been saving (great for water storage they don't collapse over time) and started filling. Travis had bottles he'd not brought down from his room (a LOT) and so then with Darrin's help I started washing and then filling with Darrin either handing me bottles to wash & fill or taking ones I'd filled and putting them into an area of the room out of the way. Then it hit me about the dogs........omg. Soooo I called to Travis. Now I water my garden using milk jugs and a watering can. So I had him fill all the jugs........then take it out to the huge metal wash tub Rowdy's been using the past few days and fill it to the brim, then had him refill all the milk jugs again. Then......I grabbed containers I'd put into the yard sale and filled them all..........I swear I didn't stop until there was nothing left I could fill! My bathtub doesn't hold water well enough or it would've been filled to the brim as well......toilet flushing water.

    Now she found out from someone that county didn't mean city, they're not supposed to be tied together......not sure I trust that so much, but for the moment we still have water. But that was an eye opener to me how important water is to prep for emergencies. I now have enough to last about a week. (I forgot to add that easy child went home and filled every empty container she had too and she also had stored water)

    Water will be from now on, a top priority. We have countless folks without water who never got any warning it was about to happen. NONE! I'm going to say right now our stores don't keep much in stock either.......and those cute little water bottles everyone drinks from don't last very long at all. I will hunt down a local supplier that is affordable for those darn 55 gallon drums and I will have at least 4 of the darn things. (one for a rain barrel)

    That scared the beegeebies out of me. You can't last very long without water.........most especially in this heat wave. Now before you think, oh it's no big deal.......think about how many times you go to the faucet a day, how much water do you use to cook ect? Yeah. What about your pets? See what I mean? Yeah. I used to be one of those people that thought...ohh a few jugs would be ok, takes up too much room blah blah blah. No more! 55 gallon barrels actually don't take up much room at all. And it last a year without any perservative........and if you don't want to add something to it, then boil it after a year.....or use it to water the garden or whatever and just wash them out and refill them.

    They have forecasted more of the same type of storms for over night. Man.......I hope not. We need the rain....but we certainly don't need more wind to knock down more power lines.

    Here I was feeling so good about emergency preps and I got caught with my pants down. ugh Everything else was just fine and dandy, except the darn water.
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    Lisa I was wondering how you the storm impacted you and step2 as well. We had 82 mph winds here but were lucky not to lose power. Several neighborhoods around ours lost power. I did drive home from during it as I take 75 north through Dayton.
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    Step has been online today... no worries.
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    My sister in wv also has no power and they got word about two hours ago that the water was being shut down for the same reason-no power to pump. I told them to fill every container, tub and sink they can because their area is supposed to be out of power for a week!

    Thank goodness you learned that and acted quickly. People do underestimate how badly they need access to water until they don't have it anymore!!! Stay safe, I hope the storms pass you all by.
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    Oh wow Hopeless! That had to be scarey! Those winds alone were something else! Glad you didn't lose power, it was a scorcher again today. Also very glad you weren't hurt on your way home!

    Also very glad Step has been online. I haven't really been on at all until just a while ago. I've been running ragged all day with a house full of people. lol easy child may not have power for up to a week. She saved her frig and freezer items (both filled to the gills) by taking them to the Subway that her mother in law owns and storing them there. I had no room, mine are completely full too due to some pretty good sales we've been having.

    No power is bad enough, especially in this heat. But no water on top of it, wow. I dunno what all those folks are going to do......I hope they have family/friends they can go to.
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    Water storage... Do you have any stores that sell wine-making kits? and/or "make it here" stores?
    Here, they sell the huge pails (10 gal, I think) that the grape juice comes in, at not a bad price.
    These are, of course, food-grade. With lids that seal.
    I have about 8 of them... currently used for mouse/bug proof food storage, but things could be shifted pretty fast... but even 80 gallons wouldn't last long.
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    Yeah, Jo, You've NO idea how much it peeves me off they made NO effort to warn anyone they were about to lose water!! So I'm ready in case they decide not to warn us the city water is going to be gone.

    I also forgot to add that we'd better not have any fires in the area over the next week or so either. Guess what the hydrants use? County water. omg

    IC I will most definitely find out if we do. That would help until I can locate some of those 55 gallon drums. Thanks! :)
  8. klmno

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    I'm sorry for your frustrations but I appreciate the reminder. This is really good advice!
  9. hearts and roses

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    Lisa, we have our own well so when the power is out, we lose our water along with it. Up until last year when H bought a generator, if it was a summer outage, we could skim water from the pool for flushing the toilets and I would boil it on a camp stove for cleaning up. But it is not suitable for drinking. In the winter if we had an outage, we would simply melt snow on the wood stove using the big pots and pans for cleaning and cooking, it was the clean snow, not the yellow! Lol. Thankfully, with last Octobers freak snow storm that devastated our area, that generator was my best friend! The most difficult thing then was finding diesel fuel for it! E was able to get some through his job, but most stations ran out within a day!
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  11. Hound dog

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    I'm learning to love amazon too. lol That one is too flimsy........but I do like the price. This would be long term water storage, so the plastic has to be both very thick and rigid. I'm not even sure that one would work just for rain because i can see the outdoor cats shredding it in short order.

    If I can find a supplier for the drums at a good price.......honestly I want quite a few of them. Not just for water, but they're great to store pet food in and lots of other things you don't want mice to be able to get into. husband used to get them for FREE all the darn time when he worked at the pharmaceutical company, all food grade........and oh yeah, I used them too! lol But I'm wishing that I'd held on to some of them over the years. Sort of took for granted that getting them for free thing and didn't appreciate a darn good thing when I had it.
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    Is that company still around? Call them and ask
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    Be aware that water doesn't store well for long periods of time.
    There are rules and procedures for purifying it and keeping it purified... but you can't just fill barrels, even if they are sealed, and assume it is potable water 3 months later...
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    Having lived through a major hurricane about 10 years and being without power for almost 2 weeks, I've learned the importance of storm preparedness! Additionally, I live in the original suburb of my city (within city limits) in a neighborhood with tons and tons of old, large trees and above ground power lines. Ice storms, heavy/wet snow, strong winds, lightening = no power for us. We have gotten to be experts on surviving without power. We were without power for two days last week due to a freaky fast moving thunder storm Monday afternoon.

    We have a storm box that is kept on our first floor. It's a large plastic storage bin and contains batteries, wind up alarm clock, transistor radio, small b&w battery tv, two "no battery" flashlights (shake them), tap lights, two regular flashlights, lamp oil, matches, and water. When the kids were younger, I used to keep those fluorescent sticks that you "break" and they glow for a few hours so they could have them on their bedside tables at night. It is standard practice to check/replace batteries and water (as insane said, it's not something can be stored indefinitely) in June and December. We are always prepared!


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    Good point IC but it could be used for flushing toilets, bathing, etc, and if you have electricity working thru the storm it could be boiled well to purify it for drinking and cooking with. It sure would be better than no water at all and I had forgotton that back in my late teens and early 20s, I lived in 2 very different places where water was gotten this way.
  16. Hound dog

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    Well, you can buy water preservation tablets and they don't cost very much. But it's not a *must*, you just keep it rotated like you do with any long term supplies. husband was in charge of water before he died. He'd filled I dunno how many milk jugs and dated them. (which is how I discovered the plastic gives way after a while) Once they hit the year mark.......they were used to water the garden. Or it could've been used to flush toilets. Or if I just had to drink it, it would've been boiled well.

    That's sort of how I got caught with my pants down, so to speak. Those jugs had been used to water the garden. I had the containers to fill with new water.........I just hadn't gotten around to doing them. I won't dilly dally about such things from now on. jeez

    And I've made certain I have several different ways to make that water drinkable again. I have the preservation tablets AND the purification tablets. I have the volcano stove I gave to myself for xmas, expensive but it uses 3 sources for fuel safely (propane, charcoal, and wood) and I have those fuel sources stored. And I just gave myself a solar oven, it arrived yesterday. So that if it's a prolonged emergency and resources run out, I can still both cook and purify water. Not to mention I'll be practicing with that solar oven all summer to both get good at using it, and to save on my utilities, as well as to keep from heating up the house to cook.

    I wasn't going to splurge on either the volcano stove or the solar oven (I also have a camp stove I've had for years), but my kids have a tendency to need to come home during disasters. Just like easy child needed to yesterday due to losing power. So I have to be prepared for that too.

    I don't worry about any of it going to waste. I'm anal retentive over that. LOL
  17. Signorina

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    Rain barrels for sure - any home improvement center should have them

    Also -- don't forget that your hot water tank (unless you are tankless) also stores water - most home water tanks are 30 or 40 gallons.

    we too lose our water if our power is out. We do have a generator that will run our well if we really need it it. We hope to put in a whole house generator some day.

    "and if it's yellow, let it mellow" (potty)
  18. Hound dog

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    Sig I've been doing that for a year now. If you saw my water bill...........omg it's unreal.........you'd know why. That's why I use filled milk jugs for watering too.......I want to know I'm not wasting a drop of the stuff. We pay double sewage for any water we use to pay for our fancy smancy new water treatment plant we didn't need and that doesn't work any better than the last one.

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    Thanks for thinking about me... I was pretty much away from the computer yesterday, and my cell phone was acting weird.

    We had some nasty wind and rain on Friday - the base's annual concert/fireworks/etc. got cancelled for the first time in its history - but I was at my Mom's through the worst of it, and the power only blinked a few times. Didn't go out here at home. Yesterday husband, father in law, Raven and Jett took down 2 dead trees in our yard because we've been putting it off but they were REALLY tall, so they could've come down & hit our house. Or the neighbors'.

    I have to agree with Lisa re the water. We had ours shut off for 48 hours last year, and it was AWFUL. I can't tell you how much water we actually went through, and it was nowhere near as hot as the last few days.
  20. Signorina

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    Just another quick tidbit -- add a few drops of chlorine bleach to make almost any water potable. It's perfectly safe. Doesn't taste great, but I understand that a bit of lemon will mask the taste. 1/8 a teaspoon per gallon.

    Must public water supplies are chlorinated fwiw