We have caught the ICK!

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    Don't come close to your screen ... I'm catchy ;)

    difficult child came home mid day Friday and was unable to return to school. He's still home today, although he's feeling much better. His cough is still lingering and he's pale. I dont' want to risk him being catchy still and passing it along to other students.

    By Sunday I was feeling not myself, then fever, chills, hot flashes, sweats, cough, I am pale pale pale. I have zero energy. Thankfully not too sick to my stomach. I feel like ****!

    This morning, easy child's dad called. She had spent the night with him and he brought her home this morning instead of to school. She is coughing, pale, low energy and the start of a fever.

    Yesterday the schools here had 40-60% absences. easy child's school had 98 out of about 250 students missing. difficult children high school had 280 absent. Another local high school had over 50% out already and sent home another 77 students by the end of the day.

    The school boards are still "making up their minds" if they should shut schools for a few days to try to slow the infection rate. Umm, do ya think? Now I'm no worry wart, nor one to appreciate alarm or anything. But at that high a rate of infection? Sure parents may well be inconvenienced by healthy kids stuck home, but will they feel inconvenienced if they end up like the family a couple hours north of us who just buried their 13 year old son? Probably not so much. I don't understand the delay at the school closures.

    So, we are all home today. Heck, if we weren't so ill I'd call it a mid week party! Instead, its a pj, kleenex, electrolytes party!
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    Several schools in our state have closed due to a 40% or more absence level; so many are sick it's just not worth it I guess. One school closed for the remainder of the week!

    Feel better - drink plenty of fluids and eat lots of Vit C!!! Feel better!