Weight Loss Check In 2/22


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How is everyone doing today? I am drinking my water, hitting the bathroom and trying really hard not to hit the chocolate an account rep. brought by earlier. Had my usual yogurt and grapefruit for breakfast, gonna have a WW frozen meal with some grapes for lunch and tuna with red. fat mayo on melba with a salad for dinner. Also will do my curves thing.

Hope everyone is a "loser" this week!


Sue C

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I bought Brownberry's natural whole wheat bread and had one slice with rotissery turkey on it for lunch. I also ate some grape tomatoes instead of potato chips and one small slice of cheddar cheese. I'm working on drinking my water. Didn't do good with- breakfast, though. husband made waffles and bacon.

I will ride my exercise bike later today. Curves next week---I have to promise myself that! I have a mental block on going back. I haven't been there since the end of August. In the meantime, they moved and I don't feel comfortable walking into the new building after not being there so long. I don't know what hours they're open (summer hours were different). Plus I know I won't be able to do the 3 times around circuit. Excuses, I know.

Good luck to everyone.


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So far so good. I got my exercise in and a lot of water. I'm keeping to the plan of what I should eat.
lo fat cottage cheese mixed with a tsp of sugar free jam on diet toast. It was good and filling.
WW macaroni and cheese for lunch with an orange afterwards. I made turkey loaf muffins yesterday. You make them in muffin tins then freeze for a quick healthy lo fat sandwich or dinner.
No excuses,no excuses,no excuses. I'm reprogramming my brain. LOL.
:smile: No excuses,no excuses,no excuses.

It's one day at a time isn't it. Thanks for posting encouragement.


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I decided against the cabbage soup diet and am doing the Special K plan. It's easy to do. I have not been able to do my Curves routine because of my knee. Hopefully by next week I'll have lost a few and the knee inflamation will be down. It never fails, an extra 10 pounds and the knee gives out!!!


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I had to take difficult child to p-doctor so I missed my WW meeting, however when I got there the lady was still there and she weighed me in. I lost 2.6 pounds over the past two weeks with a total of 14 pounds in five weeks!! :smile: I am pleased, but it is hard work...It is very hard to plan...and exercise...and stick with it.

Hoping everyone has a good evening tonight with very few munchies.


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fonally some time on the computer.well could not eat breakfast i was running late.had salad for lunch and banna for miday snack.and slice of pizza for dinner.still trying to drink more water.could not make it to the gym tonight,family promblems.well that just means i will have to work harder tomorwor.
i still have to make bowties for school so i hope i can resist them but it is so hard i just have to tell my self i can do this.

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Fran inspired me-when I read the gm thread and she was headed to her treadmill after I logged off I went downstairs and did a 40 minute workout at 5 this morning. Eating wasn't great but I did a bit better today-also did a bunch of hopefully healthy grocery shopping.

Janine-congrats on your weigh-in! :bravo:


Had one of those days. Started out with a good breakfast. Went downhill from there.

Tomorrow is a new day.