Weight Loss Check In 2/21


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How is everyone doing today! Still on WW program today, have consumed 40 oz of water and spending alot of time in the bathroom! Working on another 20 oz now. Had yogurt and grapefruit for breakfast, a veggie rollup and blueberies for lunch and not sure what I will have for dinner-probably a WW meal after I workout at Curves and walk in my neighborhood-it is almost 70 degrees here!

My weigh in was this morning and I lost 1.6 lbs this week. That is a total of 9 lbs so far in 7 weeks. I wish it would go a little faster but it didn't get there overnite!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

See Ya!


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im doing pretty good.im heading off to the gym.trying to get some stuff done befour i go.i had a grape fruit and salad for lunsh.since i can not have meat today i will probley have another salad for dinner.trying to drink more water.just not big on water.
way to go.your doing a great job.70 degrees oh how i wish it was that warm here.well got to go .check in soon.

saving grace

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Weigh to go!! thats a great loss so far. I can not get motivated for excersise lately, its been so so cold here up north. I try to do some stuff in the house but its not the same. I actually had a lobster roll for lunch, I sort of remember that lobster wasnt too bad in points, when I looked it up it was only 5 points which is alot for lumch normally but I will have a small dinner. Boy was it good.

I do better when I am at work, my eating is more structured. At home I have too many temptations.

Keep it up!!


Sue C

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I am not doing good, but I am drinking more water. And I have decided to change my attitude/self talk. For months I've been saying, "I'm fat." I am NOT going to tell myself (or my family) that any longer!!!! I think this is a good start. :smile:



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well got back from the gym feeling pretty good but boy do my legs hurt.now trying to get kids to bed.every body keep up the good work.
Since I try to find something positive about everything, being sick has paid off :rofl:!!! However, I'm sure the weight will come back really quickly unless I'm really careful!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to :smile:!!! I know I need to take it slowly since I'm still not fully recovered. If I don't workout though, I know I'll have a hard time dealing with difficult children tomorrow!!!

Prior to being sick, I was doing well. I was drinking lots of water, watching my calories, and :smile:. I did slip up a few times... I didn't beat myself up over it because I think it has to be a complete lifestyle change if weight loss is going to be permanent. WFEN


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I'll probably actively join this thread in about a week, after I "enjoy" the normal eating brought on by Duckie's dietary restrictions being removed.


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Oh, today was a bad day.

I ate a Whopper with cheese, french fries and a COKE. Not a diet.

Depression = feeding my face :frown:

Will try again tomorrow.



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Janna, don't feel bad because you had a Big Mac. Just get back on the wagon and don't look back. I'll send you the recipe for an even better, home-made burger. Tastes better and is better for you. And cheaper!

I've not had as much water today as I should have, but we've got a lot of fresh fruit in the house. About to head off to the beach for a swim, once difficult child 3 gets his rear into gear. We've got to go soon or it will be too late in the afternoon. There are more storms forecast and I prefer to be home before the lightning starts.

Haven't weighed myself for a few days - weight has been stable, falling very slowly if at all. Best way to go, because otherwise you pile it back on as soon as your vigilance slips.