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    I need a link or info on where I can get a weighted blanket.

    I've noticed recently that the reason the lunesta seems to help so much with my legs is because it makes my body feel heavy. However, the lunesta is no longer helping me sleep - it's taking 4-5 hours to kick in at all and it's minimal. Melatonin, however, always makes me sleepy but it does nothing for my legs. Then I just end up soooo tired, but can't sleep because my legs jerk me awake every 30 seconds and it's this special kind of hell.

    So, I was thinking I would try a weighted blanket and see if that worked, since it seems to be the hypnotic portion of the lunesta that makes my body heavy so my legs don't jerk. I hate taking the lunesta and if it's not working that well anyway it's time to look at other alternatives.

    I figured this would be the right place to ask...with all of the parents of sensory issued kids.

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    Be darned. I wonder if that's why I can't seem to give up my blankets and the comforter after the winter?? This combo is weighted down by a heavy woolen Pendleton blanket. And since I've used that blanket, my restless leg problems stopped. Well, except when the warm weather hits again and the blankets are off the bed.

    I'd rather sweat than give up my blankets. husband goes crazy with me every spring. And since it's been hot he says I've been jerking all over the bed again.

    I wonder if you're onto something?? May not cure it, but maybe it does help?

    Oh, by the way...........The Happening had all the potential to be a great movie. Except he gave the plot away almost at the beginning, so we sat thru the rest of it asking ourselves what the point was. Actors were good. It was a tad gruesome. But I don't understand why he gave it away so fast. So unlike him, and sort of ruined it.

    So if you want to see it, catch it during a cheaper matinee so you don't pay so much.
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    Lisa, we must be on the same wavelength. I just popped on here to respond to my own thread with a link I came across and you had just responded. LOL

    I found this site:


    And it mentions specifically restless leg syndrome. So, apparently my brain does still function on occasion. LOL For those in the know on these type of products, though, I'd like your feedback on that site/company if you don't mind. It looks good...has a lot of info...but I'd like to be pretty confident before I spend the money that they have a good product. Thanks!

    Good to know about the movie. I would like to see it still, though. I think our matinees are $4 so I'll go then. If nothing else, it will get me out of the house. :)
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    Lisa - Another thing to consider...nothing cures restless legs to my knowledge. I'd rather sweat under a blanket than take a pill everyday. The medications specifically for restless legs just made it worse and can have some pretty scare side effects. I have so many medications already (although, I am cutting out the ones I don't 'need'...as soon as I hit the one year mark I Difficult Child'd the blood thinner even though they wanted me to continue for another 6 months to a year as a precaution - it made me so tired and the one year mark is safe according to the studies) and I just cringe every time they throw a new one at me.

    If this works, I'm going to be annoyed that this was never suggested. Why throw pills - with possible side effects and adverse reactions - when there are safer ways. Maybe my GP isn't aware. If it works for me, I'll be making her aware. :D
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    by the way, I've purchased a blanket from Dream Catchers (the site you mentioned) and I can tell you their blankets are very good quality, very good construction, very durable/washable, and LOTS of fabric choices. difficult child 2 has had his blanket for about 2 years now and LOVES it :)
  6. Hound dog

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    I tend to avoid medications whenever possible, which is most of the time. I noticed right away the medications didn't work for the restless leg. doctor gave me seroquel to make me sleep. Well, duh. Of course when you knock me out cold I'm not gonna notice. But then functioning the next day was awful. So eventually I quit.

    I wonder if some brainiac can come up with a medication that gives us the weight benefit without the drugged effect.........
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    I can't believe this...since I broke my leg three years ago, I've dealt with restless legs. Seems like there's nerve damage in the left (the one I broke) and the right one kicks to keep it company. I'm frustrated, irritated, exhausted...and restless legs is the reason I'm up right now. I am SO tired of taking nearly two hours to get to sleep every night, with the kicking and twitching and tingling. Anyway, I never thought of a weighted blanket. I've done some reading about the medications, and the potential side effects sound worse than the kicking. Plus, I don't want to be taking so many medications that I rattle when I walk. Thank you for reading my mind!
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    I developed RLS a few months ago as a side effect to blood pressure medications. I pulled out our weighted blanket when I read some people were helped by compression (such as stockings) and it's helped me a lot, and in fact I'm still using it now that the symptoms have lessened. My symptoms weren't severe but it was disruptive especially to falling asleep having creepy crawly feelings in my legs. I'd also get the feelings in my torso and when those were strong I'd double up the blanket to give more pressure.

    Lessening my cafeine intake has been another key factor for me.
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    Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to know another member had such a good experience with that company. SRL, I'm glad it's helping you. I hope it helps me, too, and I can get off the lunesta and I can actually sleep.

    Here's where I'm a bit confused. How do I know what weight to order? For a blanket it says 10% of the body weight plus 1, but it says to do less for a lap blanket or if the weight is going to be centered on the legs. As I don't want to spend the money for a full blanket until I know whether it helps, I was going to start with a lap blanket. I'm a bit confused on what weight to get. I'm also not sure I could sleep with a full weighted blanket. So, I want to start with the smaller one and go from there.

    I'm sure I can call them and talk to them about this, but you guys know so much about this so I thought I'd ask.

    Thanks again! You guys are great, as always. :)
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    I don't know what goes on with my legs, but I don't get the restless stuff. I get cramped muscles. There are times when I can't get my foot out of a locked position. They are extremely painful in the middle of the night. It's like from the knee down to my toes it tightens up. I stretch a lot and maybe in my sleep, I'm stretching too hard.

    Also, husband and I have not slept under the same blanket for years. I like to be warm...he likes to be cool. So, we each have our own cover. Mine is the fleece blanket my daughter made for me. It is SOOO comfy. Maybe that is why I don't want to get out of bed in the morning. ;)

    I would be afraid to take sleep medications. When I KNOW I really need to sleep on a certain night, I take a Benadryl. I'm out like a baby.

  11. totoro

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    Heather, Ours have long tubes of weight, I ordered them a little heavier for K. You can also distribute it in the way you want so it feels better. You pull out one of the tubes and fold the velcro back over... or put one back in. Ours has 8 I think. 8 pounds... i ordered it pretty heavy. Much heavier than K needed but she likes it that way. If I think of the site I will put it up.
  12. totoro

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    We have the velva-soft blanket and you can click down on the screen and then add however much weight you want. I think we got the large. But they are very soft and we all have used it!!! You get a long hook to slide the tubes in. I really liked the quality and this site in general.