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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by ksm, May 11, 2017.

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    Does anybody know if meth use can be a cause of enuresis? Three times in the last six months my 16yo daughter has had a night time bed wetting accident. The first two times I didn't know she had been using. But I know that her behavior was bizarre and I slept on the extra bed in her room because I was concerned she might sneak out. The next morning she woke up to a wet bed...

    It happened again last night. From my other posts, she had a random UA and found positive for meth on Monday of this week. She told probation officer she last used on Thursday, last week. I believed she had the opportunity to have used Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She did not feel well on Monday, but went to school. Said too sick on Tuesday, did go to school Wednesday and today.

    I don't know if it is because she was pretty much awake all weekend, and then crashed since being on house arrest. As a child, she had night time accidents until 10 or 11. I thought she was just a heavy sleeper.

    Am I grasping at straws, or could there be a connection?

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    I just googled nocturnal enuresis and methamphetamine use. There is the connection between bedwetting and drug use across the board; and I saw a journal article specifically about Ritalin and bedwetting. The connection you make makes sense: she is going without sleep for days and the drug and intense activity is taxing her body incredibly. She must be sleeping so deeply that she does not have any control over what would be voluntary functions such as holding ones urine.
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    Thanks, Copa. I am sure alcohol is involved too.

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    Meth (and moreso the contaminants it can contain) are neurotoxins, but more than that, when a meth user finally "crashes", usually with the help of some downers or alcohol, they fall so deeply asleep that they just don't wake up when they have to pee.
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    What a horrible drug, I hate drugs and what it does to our kids.
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    I'm cool with recreational pot in the same way I'm cool with alcohol. If you want to have A (one) drink in the evening, or whatever the equivalent is in pot these days. (In the seventies it would've been a joint or bowl), so long as you don't need it every evening fine.

    Medical marijuana is another thing entirely and should be used as needed medicinally.

    Narcotics are for treating pain under the management of a medical professional skilled in the handling of these drugs.

    Stimulants are for treating disorders responsive to them, again under the management of a medical professional.

    Benzos, again, under the management of a trained professional, and short term only.
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    My son finally said he knows he cannot use alcohol or weed because he is UNABLE TO STOP. I have never heard him say that but I hope he truly believes it. He is doing the 12 steps this time. He is in such a great IOP right now.

    KSM it does not sound like your daughter is ADDICTED to meth but she could become addicted if she does not knock it off I fear! You are doing all that you can do!! I hope you are taking care of YOU also!
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    RN. What do you think is ksm's best course of action? Do you see her as having a way of influencing the course of events or as just in a defensive position?
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    Knowing what I know now, trying to get the school more involved by requesting an IEP - even if she does not qualify they then cannot deny that she reached out for help. I say this because I was a registrar at a high school for three years. I was also the recording secretary on the committee that evaluated each request and decided what would be done in each case. I heard a lot of crazy things and many had nothing to do with qualifying for an IEP but that was a starting point. Tax dollars at work for YOU!

    At the time I had that job my Difficult Child was young and a good boy and older sons were doing well and all was good in my life. I never DREAMED I would have to request an IEP evaluation on my son after he was expelled as I was directed by his youth probation officer. He did not qualify because he scored very high but he did get a 504 Plan for anxiety that allowed me to get him back into the district at an alternative school.

    In my personal situation we were afraid to piss our son off for some reason. Hindsight is always 20/20 though. When they are minors it is SO hard!!!! When they are adults it is still SO hard!!!