Weird terminology for body parts

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. mstang67chic

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    No....not THAT kind of parts! LOL

    And, of course, ONLY my sister discovers this part of the body.

    She's 14 and it seems like she is constantly breaking or fracturing a bone. We're talking to the point that the people at the ortho office know her by name. They always have bad luck with diagnosis's when they go somewhere other than the ortho first. The last time, they went to one of those quick clinics, had x-rays taken and were told that there was no fracture. My sister saw the films and could SEE there was a fracture (I told her she needs to go into radiology when she grows up. She'll ace it! LOL) so they went to the ortho and got the "correct" diagnosis.

    So anyhoo....she was pretty sure she had fractured something in her hand and since my step mom couldn't get her into the ortho during an afterschool time, they went to the ER at one of the satellite hospital's near them. X-rays were taken and the doctor is being all professional pointing things out in the x-ray and calling them by their "proper" name. Evidently, the area below your thumb on the side of your hand is called........

    ready for this one?

    .....the snuffbox.

    Seriously. Check it out for yourself.


    Only my sister could injure her snuffbox. She still thinks something is fractured so they are going to go to the ortho.

    And no...she doesn't have any kind of deficiency....she's just h3!! on her bones. Between her and the other two kids, they have quite the collection of casts, wrist braces, immobilizers, etc.

    But snuffbox? That's new even for them! :rofl:
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    Could it be that she has osteogenesis imperfecta?? How often has she had fractures? I work for an ortho...snuffbox is a term I've heard of.
  3. mstang67chic

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    As often as she's been to the ortho (and they are a very good group), I'm sure she would have been tested already if they suspected there was something going on. Or...they could have already and not found anything. None of them are every really bad but enough that she gets a brace or sometimes a cast. We did discover though that she has extra bones in her feet. She fractured one of those and had to be in a cast for a while because she wouldn't stay off of it. She's VERY active. (snort.....she also had extra teeth.)
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    Osteogenenis imperfecta is a clinical diagnosis. Basically diagnoses when a child is prone to fractures, especially when young. There is no test for it. If she's had that many fractures, I would think that would be a possibility. Osteogenenis imperfecta usually resolves itself in adulthood.
  5. Star*

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    Soooooo from this we conclude getting "boxed" in the ears with BOTH hands below the thumbs is where this term came from?

    I've snuffed a few ears in my day - SHUDDAPA YOU FACE:tongue: whack -
  6. Lothlorien

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    No it's actually an area that someone would put snuff and snuff it, hence the snuffbox.
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    My grandmother puts the snuff on the top of the lid and leans beside the refrigerator cause she think she's invisible there and no one can see her doing it. :rofl:

    I remember learning peristalsis in 10th grade biology. That's about the only thing I remember from that class and that's because I thought, "Wow. They name *everything*."