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    Hi Shelly and welcome! I copied your post to a new thread to be sure that our members see it. I'm glad you found us!! :D

    Hi, I am new to this site as well and I am hoping for support, understanding and feedback from all families who are in our similar situation. I read your post and I feel for you and your son. I am in the process of finding a pyschologist who specialized in ADHD/ODD who can help my son. From all the research I have done this seems to only help a difficult and trying situation. My son did see a behavioral therapist for over a year and things seemed to but somewhat better but quite frankly she wasn't the right fit for him. He hated going and the idea of him having to go again is not going to be pleasant. Right nowwe are trying to find the right medication (NO LUCK SO FAR) after trying to fight the battle without medications for several years. He is almost 10 and we have suspected since he was around 7 that he had ADHD. It took a very long time for my husband to come to terms with it and accept it and then we were able to move forward and get him the help he needed. He has had a bad month or so at home and school due to the fact that we cannot find the right medication for him. He has tried Strattera 25mg, Intuniv 1mg and 2mg and Concerta 18mg and 27mg ... The stimulant medications seem to escalate his impulsive behaviors as well as leaving in need of complete direction at school. He is failing tests, not participating in group activities, unable to stay seated etc. His ODD behaviors stay at home for the moment. What a tough situation we are all in and the worries and fears I have for my sons future are enormous. I would love to listen, support and give advice (if I am able) to anyone who wishes to post. Thanx for listening to my story.

    Mom 42 Stressed to the max

    Dad 42 great man, hardworker, loyal, patient and very kind
    son 9 ADHD ODD loving, sweet and charming, also very defiant,disruptive, unfocused, clueless kiddo
    daughter 7 sweet, affectionate,loving, considerate, great student, great kid
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    We had a shocking time when we switched difficult child 3 from dexamphetamine to Strattera. I wondered if he was totally losing his grip on reality - he became violent, unreasonable, unable to cope with various environmental stimuli - it was really bad. And he was only on it for three days before the problems exploded.

    So I would ask for a change in stimulant to be considered, before you consider that all stimulants are bad. I keep hearing similarly bad things about Strattera from other parents.

    Welcome to the site.

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    Have you tried Adderal XR yet? That was the one that finally helped my difficult child.