well had ssi appointment.


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Went to appointment.had same physcologist who examined my other son george,so she remembered me.difficult child was fine during the start of it.then slowly start getting board and not listing and not staying still.after the testing she went over some of the results.she said he was avery bright boy,and i had told her he is very smart that i did know that.also that it appears that he has exteme adhd and because of that he has odd.he actully scoredhigher then the testing i had done befour and she said that is probley cause he knew what he was doing this time.that is why i was told that your not suppose to test children on the same things within a certain ammount of time.but i was haooy to here he did better.i also asked her if she worked with children with mood disoders and she said yes.so i asked her if it seemed if he had something like that and she said no.i was very happy to here that.difficult child has one more appointment. at sheppard pratt next week and that will be one more oppion to add to the list and maby then we can start on getting his medications working right.with out having to give him such high doses.the childrenare going crazy right now getting ready for bed but i feel a little better knowing my son most likley does not have a mood diorder.i mean i will still get more oppions but i do feel better.
sorry so long i just had a lot to say god i fell better. :whew:


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glad you have a good appointment and are ruling things out/in with the kids. Being proactive puts us in a much better state of mind :angel:



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Sounds like you had a good session with the psychologist but I am glad you will get a more thorough evaluation by a specialist in mood disorders in children. I know you feel better but her impression over that short of a time isn't really something to take to the bank. in my humble opinion. Hopefully you won't have to deal with a mood disorder and all the complications it brings to one's life but let someone who has more credentials be the one's to tell you what is going on with difficult child.</span>