Well, he IS persistent!

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    husband and I started in on a rip-roaring fight this am.

    We did a LOT of stuff for him. I had TWO things that needed to be done this weekend. New tires for HIS car, and get another laptop because HIS games have messed up the desktop beyond anything I am willing to deal with.

    I spent HOURS last week looking for the best deal to get these items. The computer deal expired Sat. He had ALL the paperwork, the check, EVERYTHING. He wanted to go get it at hte store, not pay shipping. OK. Well, the food at the concert/reception was full of msg. Seems a LOT of people felt like crud the next day. No alcohol, so it was the food.

    HE doesn't react to msg. HE also made a trip to the city (where the computer stores are) on Fri - the day after the concert.

    Nope. He didn't do the tires or the computer. The tires are a safety issue. I do my best to make sure the cars are safe. They may not be pretty, or even neat all the time. But safe is a biggie.

    So, this am we are discussing things. Same issues we have "discussed for a LONG time"

    I said, "Danm, I must be an idiot. All this time, you would think I could figure out you are PERSISTENT in not getting it!"

    He and I both cracked up. A good laugh was good for us. But I am going to make a sign: L: Persistent at Not Getting It!"

    MAybe it would look good in Cross Stitch???

    We got ready to go to get tires and the computer I picked out (NOT the one on sale last week, we missed that one.). I start getting stomach cramps, so now he and thank you are doing the tires, J and I are resting and watching a movie!

    I think this will work best.

    (And I get the new laptop!!! Jess gets this one, the one I got last year!!!!!!! Yeah me!!!! - husband gets his from work. On his 5th or 6th in 3 years!)

    Hope your day started less dramatically, but included a big ole belly laugh.

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    Don't you love it when days start out like this??? It's my ONE day off and I'm babysitting husband. He stayed out partying all night long last night, gets up late and realizes he's not going to be able to get to his next event. He asks for help...I say no. I'm not rescuing you anymore. So, he wakes up easy child, who is now taking him to his event. This is 40 minutes away.

    Then, I just get a call to bring a box of stuff to him...40 minutes away.

    I hate to start a day in a bad way. I was looking forward to relaxing...maybe watch a movie, cook a good dinner. Geez...

    On the plus side, enjoy your new computer! I don't let ANYONE touch mine. No games, etc. It's the only stable one out of 5 in our house.

  3. SusieStar -

    The computer of your DHs that is not working my only need a registry cleaner. You can download a few of them off the internet (considering he can get that far with his laptop) and go to www.downloads.com look for a down load called Ccleaner. Or try www.filehippo.com.

    A box will pop up that says Donate to pay pal - search around on the same page for the free download. It will diagnose your computer and fix a few things for free (maybe 50 or so) and then gives you the option to pay on line for the complete program.

    What have you got to loose?

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    DWW is right. I have Regstry Mechanic and believe me, it does wonders. My main problem was that when we had a power surge awhile back it messed up my computer but good. Once Travis had it up and running we discovered files were messed up all over the place, games and programs wouldn't run while others would. Registry Mechanic fixed it all.

    Also you could defrag his computer. That can do wonders too. I do mine on a reg basis because I'm big on games, Sims in particular.

    Good for you for taking the new one for yourself. I made that move right after our first computer went phht. lol They wanna mess up their computers, fine. But mine is mine and other than Travis repairing it, NO ONE had better touch it. Been that way for many years now.

    I hate it when days start out that way. I have them every weekend when husband is home. Seems he's decided to be the grouchiest old man on earth in his old age. ugh