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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DawnMM, Feb 21, 2015.

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    I just found this board, and I so can relate to everything posted here. My son was recently diagnosed with Conduct Disorder, but he is more likely (or also) Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). We adopted him at age 2 and he has been difficult since day 1. He is now 13, and we just sent him to a Residential Wilderness Camp. He is basically the same there as he was at home. Here at home, things are starting to become more normal. It is certainly quieter and calmer and so much more peaceful. I have three other kids who would definitely be called easy including one Aspie and one brand new kid (age 10) whom we also plan to adopt. I just wanted to introduce myself and say, "hi," in case I decide to post on a thread you will know a bit about who I am :)
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    Hi, Dawn, and welcome.

    We understand what you mean when you say your Aspie kid is "easy" compared to the kid who brought you here. For most people, Aspie is incredibly difficult!
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    Welcome @DawnMM

    You certainly have your hands full. I'm glad you found us, but I'm sorry you had to.

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    Take a look at what others have put in their signatures to see what you would feel comfortable disclosing about you and your family.

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    Welcome to our little corner of the internet.
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    Glad you found us! Welcome!
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    Welcome, hope you find the support you need. :welcomecat:
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    Welcome DawnMM.
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    Thanks everyone!
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    Hi Dawn, glad to have you here! :bigsmile: