Well, I got my Nueropsy testing

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    I have to admit, I was disappointed. First thing I was told was that testing would run from 9 am til 3 pm...on the short end from what I have heard but good. But a good part was that they scheduled both of my 8 yos for the same time, we had 2 different docs.
    Dr B takes L, says we will break for lunch around 12 and off they go.

    Dr M takes S, doesn't read parent report, brings him out at 11:30 and says we are done, we go back to his office and talk a bit and he sees "distractability". I mention the 30 pt difference in verbal/performance done in 2005, I mention mood disorders in the bio family, he concedes different things can look like ADHD. He seemed lazy and wanting to just see ADHD...which was really my S showing his anxiety at the testing. UGH

    We return to waiting area and Dr B comes out quite surprised that he is done...Dr M then does 1 more fifteen minute computer test and it is over.

    Dr B takes the time and interest to go over how things have gone, takes notes on my added imput, and does 1 test that the school did which was unbelievable...had L scoring at a 17 yo level, on his test she still did very well but a more believable 12 yo level. He sees her anxiety. Dr B shortened his schedule to blend with Dr M but yet I do still feel he saw and evaluated my girl well. Still we were all done within 3 1/2 hours tops.

    I have to say I do think I will get reports that can help with the school, but 1) what a difference a different doctor can make
    2) I think I could have gotten the same value with psychiatric/educational testing much closer to home.

    I'll have to wait til I have the reports but I wasn't impressed. and yes this was done at a well respected childrens hospital in northern NJ
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    I'm sorry you were disappointed. It really does depend on who you get. Sad, but true.
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    I'm sorry as well, it does unfortunately matter what doctor you do get.
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    It's amazing, the diff it makes in the kind of dr, the specialty, his/her personality, and the types of testing that are ordered.
    Keep plugging away if you think you need more. You have to be your own advocate.
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    It truly DOES make a difference who the doctor is, in almost any kind of medicine. Our neuropsychologist evaluation was one of the shortest components of the multi-disciplinary evaluation that a developmental clinic did on Wiz. You might get better results having the doctor who spent more time with your child repeat the testing on the other child. Or having other professionals add their evaluations and or having a multi0disciplinary evaluation done.

    Whatever you do, keep pushing until you think that they have come up with the answer AND treatments that best suit each child.

    I am sorry this didn't live up to expectations. Maybe if you ask the 'better' doctor why it was so short it would give you some insight. Let him know you have questions because teh doctor seemed to have his mind made up beforehand.

    Be sure you add this to your Parent Report if you think there is any validity to it.
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    Sorry you felt this testing wasn't complete. I know you have waited awhile for this. You are so absolutely right, the doctor makes the difference. I hope the reports come back with something that will help the kids at school. Often we parents have a better handle on what our children need and what they are dealing with than the professionals.