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  1. Wiped Out

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    sports medicine doctor today to try and find out why my knees have been hurting so much going up and down stairs and going from a standing to sitting or sitting to standing position. It rarely hurts any other time and doesn't hurt all of the time but sometimes is so bad that I have crawled up the stairs. Those are the times the pain has been almost enough to make me cry.

    They did x rays of my knees. I had thought it was going to be cartilage wearing away because that is what my primary doctor thought but it turns out something is wrong with both of my kneecaps, they are going laterally inwards due to what I'm not exactly sure. Something to do with my quad muscles being stronger than my hamstrings and glutes. He said it will take months of physical therapy and that I will need to work really hard. He said he knows other people who have let it go and it gets debilitating if not worked on.

    I know it isn't the end of the world but I am feeling really down about this. I just don't know how I am going to make room for one more appointment each week and then the time to work at the out of therapy stuff they will give me to do. I guess once summer starts it won't be so bad but in the meantime I'm tired and worn out just thinking about it. :(

    Thanks for listening to my whine.
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    Sharon! I wouldn't get too "down" on this. I'd get the real name for the condition and research it on the web. You might be able to get some in home equipment that will allow you to tighten up the other muscle group. Quite often this type of stuff is payable through your medical insurance. I'd check with my insurer and the Ortho. himself!

    Feel better!

  3. mrscatinthehat

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    Sorry your knees are being difficult. Hope the physical therapy works its magic. Fitting in that extra appointment can be a challenge. Hope it goes well.

  4. flutterby

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    I understand how you feel. Just one. more. thing. But, this has to be a priority. It's important.

  5. susiestar

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    I am so sorry. I know it is a blow. But it IS something you can fix with-o surgery or invasive procedures, so that is good. And it isn't cancer. That is always good.

    Go ahead adn give yourself a couple of days to be down about this, to cry about it, to mourn over the loss of healthy knees.

    then pick yourself up, go to the appts, and make room for the life changes this therapy will require. You will need to let some things slide. maybe make the kids responsible for more, and let your standards for those things slide.

    Have a family meeting and tell the kids that Mommy's knees are hurting because the muscles are not working right. That Mommy MUST do exercises the doctor prescribes, just like they must take medication the doctor prescribes. Ask each child to step up and do a chore to help you make time. If they won't volunteer then assign them each something. Let them know that there will be rewards if these are done properly and not if they aren't. Maybe work toward a big outing (amusement park, water park, something that requires a lot of walking) at the end of your therapy IF they each do their part. If they don't, then YOU get to go on an outing with-out them.

    It is a way to help them feel part of something, like they are helping you get better each time they do this chore.

    Also figure out some small rewards to work toward as you go through the therapy. A new book if you do teh exercises as rx'd for 1 month. An ice cream if you do them for 3 weeks, whatever works to motivate you.

    I am sorry you have this painful health problem. Please don't ignore it and let yourself become crippled because it.
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    Beth-The good thing is I have a free health club membership (husband works part time there) and so I should have access to all the equipment!!

    Beth2-Thanks for the good thoughts:)

    Heather-That's it exactly, it's just. one. more. thing!

    Susie-I definitely won't stay down-it's just the thought of having to make more appts. One of difficult child's in home therapies is stopping so we already added in more by getting some desperately needed tutoring for him. It just means more rearranging time between husband and myself (which he is all for) and then planning on not getting home till around 6:00 on those nights because husband will have difficult child I'll need to go back pick up easy child and then head home for the 18 mile drive. You are so right-I'm glad it is nothing serious like cancer or something requiring surgery and I like your suggestion of getting the kids to pitch in more! Also there are only 8 more weeks of school-it will be much easier to fit in once summer break starts! Thanks for the good ideas! I think I will have to reward myself as well like you suggested. In the past when I've had physical therapies I have not been good about following through on the exercises outside of the appointment.
  7. Abbey

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    Hugs from one to the next who had to install a rail next to my bed to get out. Did they consider arthritis? Joints are the first to go.

  8. hearts and roses

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    I had knee surgery due to this condition that you've been diagnosed with. The difference is that I never went to see a DR until it was beyond repair. My dad always had knee problems when I was growing up, so I just assumed it was hereditary and never bothered to see a DR - until I couldn't straighten my knee and it was swollen to twice the normal size. By then physical therapy was not an option.

    Do what you have to do, I know you will because you know you have to. It stinks to have to add one more thing to your already hectic schedule.

    Many of the exercises they would have you do in therapy can also be done at home and they will likely even be able to 'lend' you some items to help you at home as well. I am hoping that whatever therapies they use will help you avoid surgery later. I hope that your family is very supportive and helpful to you during this time and always.

  9. rejectedmom

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    WO, My daughter had this and she had to go to PT for several months but the end result is that she is much better. Her knees do still flare up once in a while but she now knows what to do to keep them healthy. She is athletic and can cycle having done long distance racing for the cure and other marathons for charity. Shehas recently become a certified Yoga instructor now teaching class 3x a week. Her goal is to become a therapudic yoga specialist.

    As far as her treatment went, they had to weaken the stronger muscles first. She did have to use splinting and imobilizers for a couple of weeks. Then the kneecaps were taped into place strenghtening exercises were don to build up the legs evenly. It is a bit of a process but she did have good results. Hope this helps you. Good luck! _RM
  10. Jena

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    Hey Sharon

    I'm sorry that does bite in plain english. Im sorry its going to take work, yet it's good you went to find out what's giong on with-it.

    I know what you mean in regards to appoinments, it can be so overwhelming when you feel like your everyday and hour is tightly accounted for.

    is there anyway you can do every other week to give yourself a break on the schedule???
  11. DammitJanet

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    Sharon, I also had some weird thing with my knees where the kneecaps rolled inward. I cant remember the name now. They tried taping mine and giving me PT. Unfortunately everytime they took the tape off mine popped right back out but then again I had about 3 other things wrong with my knees at the same time. Oddly enough after my scopes the kneecaps have stayed put for the most part. Every once in a while they will slide out of place but not often.
  12. trinityroyal

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    Sharon, I had exactly this problem with my knees.
    The treatment they provided was:
    - muscle stimulant machine for 2 weeks, 3x per week to reactivate the muscles
    - after that, a workout regimen that included light weights and multi reps on the leg press, squat, and leg raise machines at my gym.

    15 years later, my knees are still going strong, no more physio required and no surgery.

    I know it's a PITA, but with the right treatment and exercise the prognosis is very good.

  13. Wiped Out

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    Abbey-He asked a lot of questions about arthritis in my family etc... but after the x-rays was convinced of what he saw. Thank for the hugs. Ouch about needing the rail by your bed.

    Jo-Thanks for the good thoughts. You must have been through a lot of pain with your surgeries. I do hope I am able to avoid surgery-the doctor didn't mention that as an option. I know husband will be supportive-not so sure about the kids.

    RM-I'm glad your daughter had such good results! It's good to hear success stories.

    Jen-I think I'll have to go every week because the sports medicine doctor guy said that the pt would want me to go 2x a week but that I should only go once a week so my insurance doesn't run out too soon.

    Janet-Glad your knees are doing better!

    Trinity-Thanks for sharing your success story-it definitely gives me hope!

    Well I got the appointment. really quick. It's tomorrow at 4:00. It's with the same guy husband was doing his therapy with for his rotators cuff. husband really liked the guy. Now I just have to make sure I somehow follow through with what I learn!
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  14. standswithcourage

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    I have had problems with my knees too! I hurt the left one running - or trying to. Anyway, I went to an orthopedic doctor, did xrays - no problem - he gave me leg exercises to do - so I just went back to the gym and hurt it againi! This time I went back to my family doctor and they said I might need an MRI - anyway he gave me an antinflamatory to take and that has helped so much. I walk everyday and do Pilates. I did ride the bike and do more elliipitical but have kinda backed off a little bit from that until it heals altogether. Knees are so important but we dont have time for them not to work! Take care of you.
  15. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Twice a week at the gym has changed my life. I had arthroscopic surgery on left knee and parts of meniscus removed. I was a wreck, completely off balance. Now I can move 90 lbs. with my thighs:D. I think of it as my special time just for me! I hope you can make some time for yourself, you are certainly worth it.
  16. susiestar

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    My suggestions about rewarding yourself come from painful experience. I have a cousin who ripped me a new one because I was working full time and had 2 kids under 6yo and didn't do all that the PT wanted me to and really ended up with messed up knees. Cousing had no kids at the time, and really didn't "get it" about the fibro, kids, and everything, esp with Wiz.

    Lack of follow through at home is a major cause of PT not working. Having the kids pitch in, letting what the kids do be "good enough", and rewarding yourself often are things that she has found help her patients stick with whatever they are supposed to be doing.

    So I offered the ideas so YOU won't be gritched at by your PT.

    I do so hope the PT is not painful and that it can be done in such a way that you feel better very soon.
  17. Wiped Out

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    Stands-Glad your knees are doing better and that the anti-inflammatory has helped.

    Three Shadows-Good for you for taking that time-I'm glad it is helping. Actually I work out a lot at the health club. I was afraid at first the doctor would tell me to not workout which wasn't going to be an option as it's the only way I keep my sanity. I'm more worried about fitting in appts and that taking away from the time I have at the club. Most days when I have appts for the kids we end up not making it to the health club. My other problem has always been on follow through with pt stuff. I hate changing what I'm doing at the club and never have time to add in additional time. However, this time I'm realizing the need to.

    Susie-Thanks-I have been griped at by a PT before so I am going to follow your suggestions. Thanks for the good ideas and the good thoughts.